Monday, May 26, 2008

Hello World!

I'm Layla, and my "Mr. Right" is Kevin:

We're the Palmers.

We are dream believers.

We see every ending as a new beginning, and we prefer dancing on the edge, over "Dancing with the Stars".

Right now, we're in the process of creating a place that makes our souls smile.

One that cultivates creativity and reminds us to seize every one of our days.

We've nicknamed our fixer upper "The Lettered Cottage" because of the passion we share for writing, and our love of all things lettered.

It also seems kind of appropriate that the first letter of each word in its name are "T", "L" and "C" because it's definitely in need of lots of Tender Lovin' Care!


I am a writer/photo stylist.
Some of my clients include, Flea Market Style magazine and Cottages & Bungalows magazine.

In my free time, I like to go "junkin" and work on DIY projects here at TLC.
I think a fresh mix of country, cottage and coastal touches will have this place radiating love in no time, and I'm not afraid to wield a noisy power tool or two!

Kevin is a musician. When he's not recording or on tour with his band, he's usually fixing something up, or tearing something down, in this "little cottage that could" of ours.

I guess you could say we're a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.


This is our dog, "Maximus":

He was a gift from Mr. LC to me, on my birthday in June of 2006. I'll never forget the day we picked him up. He was such a sweet little thing. He fit into the palms of my hands- but I do believe his ears were exactly the same size back then as they are now. He currently weighs 9.6 pounds. His hobbies include sunning on the back of the couch, and barking like a ferocious beast at all who dare to come near his Lettered Cottage. Favorite pasttimes include: devouring two Dingo bones before escaping under the covers between Kevin and I each night and hearing us come in the door with grocery bags.
Grocery bags = New buddies.


This is our cat "Bean".


He pretty much hides all day long, and is deathly afraid of cameras. That, along with: most people, grocery bags, vacuum cleaners, power tools, water, air and movement.

But we love him anyway.


I started writing this blog because, for me, writing is a process of discovery, and so is renovating a house- and there's excitement in not knowing what you're going to reveal about yourself, or your surroundings, from one day to the next!


The Sawyer Family said...

I love this new layout and love the personal touches!! Please post some wedding pictures sometime - I'd love to see them!

Linda said...

Love your new blog and all the beautiful pics. Can't wait to see all that is to come with Lettered Couple!

Krys said...

The new site looks great :) Congratulations!
I love what you said about writing - it's so true!

Shannon and Carey said...

Love the new blog. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

Aura said...

I'm so glad that you included your animals! My sidebar on my blog is 85% about our babies ;)

Heidi said...

I love what you said about your surroundings dictating your mood, so much so, that I'd love to quote you on one of my upcoming monday musings posts!

Thanks for all your inspiration. I share your love of all things coastal, yet have only just begun to implement that feel into our home. Until just recently I've been 'making do' with the furnishings we have, but you and several other lovely blogging DIY-ers have totally inspired my creativity and given me the courage to make changes myself and to find find thrifty treasures rather than waiting/saving to buy new. I know that doing it this way will also help me to appreciate my space all the more as it slowly but surely evolves into that place that I not merely dwell in but also 'makes my soul smile.'

Honorablyfallen said...

As a lover of all things shabby and un plumb I am so excited to have found your blog , I am super new to the blog world but finding out there are alot of people out there like me. Happy to have found you! _ Sarahlynn

Angie Ramdog Lu said...

You guys are SOO cute! :) I check your blog daily and love it!

laylablue said...

just found your delightful blog! what intrigued me most is that we have the same name. for many years i was unaware of anyone else with this name, and am happy to have found you :)

i'll be following your blog. thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiration.

layla bb solms

Ri said...

I started following your blog two months ago... You're a beautiful couple and you have such a refined taste.

Sorry for my english... I'm from Italy (if you want to vist my country let me know... I have a big guest room)


vosges paris said...

hey I was just thinking your Mr. Right looks like a little rockstar and then read he is a musician indeed ;) Just discovered your blog and enjoyed some of your transformations. You did a great job on making everything white. Me myself I am doing the same job into my house right now and started with my bedroom in all white , grey and a touch of purple (yeah yeah very populair atm here in europe , but I can't help it is my favorite color)

Ohh and thanks for showing your frame with shelves, it gave me a grat idea for a little frame that is lying around for some time....
All the best from AMsterdam and feel free to have a look around in my world.
Rock on, desiree

Chelsea said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I will for sure be back. Love you story and your posts. Glad to have found it!

Traci said...

Well said. I am looking forward to following your posts.

Ruthies Renewed Treasured said...

I love your dog!!! We have a miniature pincher, beagle mix. She looks a lot like yours except she has floppy ears! Love your blog!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

So glad I found your blog and after reading all about who you are, I feel as though I've known you a long time. Your blog is great and I will be following it.

Lee Ann

Sheree said...

I love your blog and enjoy all of the great decorating ideas!

Loving life in Southern California! said...

Love Love Love your blog! Stumbed across it while "surfing" and was instantly hooked. You post a lot of quality material, which I appreciate and admire! Very nice, I'm following you now!

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

You guys are gorgeous!
Love the blog!

Amanda said...

I really enjoy your blog!
its very inspiring!!!
and your home is beautiful!

mitziscollectibles said...

I just stumbled upon your blog this morning, and right away was excited that I found something sophisticated but friendly, and full of creative ideas. I love your intro to your two pets. We used to have a chihuahua when I was a kid. They are quite barky, and love to burrow under the bed covers, but lovable as can be!

Holly said...

You are very talented. I can't wait to share your ideas with my daughter and daughter in-law.

Maggie Mae said...

So, when is Kevin going to produce a" TLC" album for us? I'd love to hear some of his music esp. if it involves that lovely piano. :)
I just love everything about your blog!

eclypsechic said...

I love your blog! This is something I am so interested in and I'm looking forward to everything you write. I can't wait to show my mom and boyfriend your photos on here; She'll love them and he'll be rolling his eyes saying "Ok, where do you want to start?" :)

The Little Red Shop said...

Sweet! I've been enjoying reading your blog for a little while now. From what I can see, your Bean looks just like my retired barn cat, Bud. Whilst napping yesterday, he took a moment and crossed both of his paws in front of his face like that and reached out his feet for a good stretch.

: )

Julie M.

dee newcomer said...

I only recently stumbled onto your site while I was looking for the magazine “Cottage Living”. I had not realized that they stop publication of my muched loved magazine, so when I found another blog I was comforted to hear that many others were disappointed by the discontinuation. I clicked on your blog’s site off of that one. I am so happy I did, it is a wonderful page and I found myself intensely addicted. Thanks so much!! I am a kitchen designer that sometimes gets lost in technicalities and find myself struggle with design in other parts of my house. Reading your posts and looking at your pictures has let my mind drift from the kitchen and bath room and redesign other parts. I can’t say that my hubby is so thrilled by these new ideas I have, but I am. Thanks again!!

Michelle said...

Nice to meet you...all.


paulasparadise said...

Warm. Witty. Whimsical. Wowza.

Love your blog and so grateful to find it via The Pioneer Woman (Hyacinth) ... thanks for sharing so much inspiration and delight!

Rebekah Greiman said...

It was so much fun to read your blog-I feel like we are living parallel lives! My hubby was in a signed & touring band for 10 years. I toured with them once we were married. He and I bought a bunch of real estate and we remodeled all of said real estate. Now, he's in another band with my baby brother and we are starting the whole recording/touring process over again! In the meantime, I became a writer, a photographer, a crafty chick and blog about all of it! Creepy, isn't it?
I am excited to have found you! Stop by sometime...

MommaHensCoop said...

I came allll the way back to your first posts to get some inspiration. I thought," even these amazing people couldn't have started off great....they had to have grown into what they are now..." boy was I wrong. Even in the begining you are just as charming and fun to visit. Happy days,Amy.

Stevie said...

O..M...G....I literally have your dog's TWIN!!! She is female though and about 5 lbs.. but she is IDENTICAL to your dog!!! So cute! They're long lost soulmates. ;)