Sunday, October 12, 2008

Survey Results

Here are the results of the 100 people that took the survey:

Looks like the most popular answers were:

What do you look forward to seeing most on
Posts following the renovation of the Lettered Cottage

How often do you visit
Once a day

What's your favorite room SO FAR in the Lettered Cottage?

What Lettered Cottage room do you want to see made over next?
Master Bedroom

The exterior of the Lettered Cottage is decorative cinderblock. Would you leave it, or side it?
Side it! (with Hardi Plank)

What's your favorite thing about Lettered Cottage style?
the mix of old and new

How many people have you recommended to?

I think Layla should...
Work as an Interior Designer

Where do you live?

Thank you SO much to the 100 of you that took the time to fill out my definately helps me to see what I need to focus on.

Guess I need to re-direct my efforts for a while, and start on our Master Bedroom, huh?
I did love that four people said my Laundry Room was their favorite room though! :-)
Wonder why? (I'd love to hear from you!)



Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Miss Layla,
You could work on decorating MY master bedroom. The drywall will be hung today. : )

pinkpatrice said...

Umm. Love your blog.... :) I stalk it regularly..heehee.
So, I've chosen your blog to be one of the winner of the Butterfly Award. Check out the details on my blog


Hedy King said...

I chose the laundry room because; you have a Laundry Room, you have a terrific washer/dryer. you have new floor and partially painted walls, but most of all you have the talent to make it some place special.