Monday, June 9, 2008

Guest Bedroom Renovation

Here's a little video of me and the "husbear" renovating our Guest Bedroom. We found the GREATEST wood planks (running horizontally) on the walls in the closet in this room, so we figured it MUST be under the drywall in the bedroom itself too. A little dancing, a lot of dust and sho' nuff! We uncovered a wall of wood paneling in perfect condition! In addition to ripping out drywall, we also ripped out carpet, refinished the wood flooring that was under the carpet, added new trim, and painted. We're going for a very cozy, coastal vibe in this room.
Enjoy the show!
PS...The yellow flowers in the window sill were a birthday present. :-)


regenthilldesigns said...

First of all you guys are adorable! Second, I love, love, love the dresser and mirror in that room! Can't wait to see the final reveal!!

deputyswife said...

That was an awesome video!

Can't wait for the big reveal!

Vanessa said...

Enjoyed the show! The room looks gorgeous - can't wait to see the whole thing!

Spymommy said...

Did you only rip out the one wall to put in the wood paneling? It looks fabulous!

Layla said...

We ripped out the drywall from the one wall to EXPOSE the wood paneling. What a great discovery huh? :-)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Now that was cool! I loved seeing it all being done. And yes, ya'll are just the cutest. I can't wait to see more. You obviously both have a wonderful vision for doing projects like this.

I love it...did you do that video on a camera video or a fancier version? I'd love to try that sometime.


One Woman's Cottage Life said...

That was amazing! You guys are talented in so many areas, from your renovation, to taste, to videography! You're keeping us hanging, that's for sure, but I've seen enough to know you've put together a charming guestroom...LOVE, love, love those walls!!!!

LitelWumin said...

WOW! It is great to actually see you two! I think I may look into this video thing and send you some Aubrey and Ethan to brighten your day. Don't hold your breath...

Your house is SO adorable. Thank you for sharing your talent and beauty with us, my sweet, sweet niece. I love you.

Susie Harris said...

I oh so love your blog! I cant wait till I have hours just to sit and read more. I love that cottage look too. It's just so darn comfy who wouldnt?
Smiles, Susie H

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That is so adorable! Love that!

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

That is so freakin' awesome! And you reclaimed your trim and baseboards with the drywall removal. That dresser is to die for, and the crystal door knobs.

BTW, just realized that pantry door is not yours.. bummer... but you're on the prowl for one I'm sure! I gots ta read up on your blog and see what else is goin' on!
Best wishes,

ellie said...

I found your blog through Kim' women's cottage...and I love your video too...I live in California and I also have a blog. In about 3 weeks I'll be headed to Alabama for a family in laws live in Foley....wanted to say HI

donna6kids said...

you two are soooo cute! I want you to get an HGTV show that features you renovating/decorating to music (like your youtube) and please we need to see that cute hubby of yours once in awhile in the video...........How cute you are and your house.

sex said...