Friday, August 1, 2008

Living Room Comments

Thanks for all the sweet things you all had to say about my Living Room!
This was one of my favorite ideas:

"...I think that the mantel could use some great salvaged brackets corbels what ever you like to call them , it would add some bulk with that amazing mantel..."

Isn't that GREAT? I am DEFINITELY going to do that Chris. Thanks for planting the seed!

And this comment was such a treat too-

"...simply add some rich and spicy colors-
dark burnt pumpkin, saffron, dark oregano, indigo, claret,
brandy or copper, for a change during the cooler months..."

-Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Truth be told, orange was my first inclination. But after a thorough search for throw pillows and rugs, I'm just not finding what I like. So, I'm now leaning towards mossy green or navy blue. And I'd love to switch it out with red around the holidays.

So many of you said I should keep the mirror up. But are you SURE three of these wouldn't look better?

That's what I had in mind. I just LOVE em. The thought of something really, really old and crusty-looking hanging behind that deliciously glossy black piano is so intriguing to me.

I'm all about a wonderful blend of old and new. When you get it right, the mixture is magic!


Dianne said...

By all means go with those 3 mirrors. I also have that catalog and thought they were so reasonable for the amount of Wow you get. They would look great in your room. Do it!!

Chris said...

Oh my gosh. I just cut that picture out of the catalog last week. I'm in love with those, too! By all means, get. those. mirrors.

Nancy Hood said...

I vote for the three mirrors!

Teacats said...

Fantastic mirrors! A "WoW" factor in your already photo-perfect room! Yes -- it IS hard to find the perfect accessories in the RIGHT shade -- but when you're NOT looking --then the right thing might just pop up! I believe that Decorating is a True Blend of Art, Science and Magic -- thats Alchemy! and in the end -- you have pure gold.

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

karen said...

I have to know where those mirrors are from! They are awesome.

Layla said...

Hi Karen!

They are from Ballard Designs.


Jamie said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Just a Girl and LOVE IT! Your home is beautiful & I think you should most definately get those mirrors. They are amazing!