Thursday, July 31, 2008

Living Room- During

Today I know two things for sure.
One- I need a wide angle lens so that I can properly photograph my rooms.
And two- My living room is in desperate need of the stuff I call "spice".
I am stuck in that yucky "my-room-is-a-blank-canvas-because-funds-are-tight-right-now" phase.
Not to mention, I haven't decided which accent color(s) I'm going to use in here.
The Kitchen and Dining Rooms, which are open to the Living Room, are going to be accented with green. The Reading Room and Guest Bedroom, which are just a few steps away, are accented with blue. I can't decide if I should go blue, green, a combination of both colors (to tie the two sides of the house together), or do something else entirely. Maybe red? What do you all think? I LOVE reading your comments, and welcome all suggestions! :-)





I should mention, the entertainment unit has not, I repeat, NOT been accessorized yet. I just threw some things on, and in it, for the time being. Also, I plan to get a new coffee table, and replace the giant mirror with three, vertical ones, hung a foot or so apart.


Pat said...

I like the room just how it is. I'm thinking if you want to change something the fireplace would be where to start. Something more natural. But it looks good how it is.

Layla said...

Hey Pat,
I posted a picture the other day of the tumbled travertine tile that I'm going to use on the fireplace. I totally agree. The brick has GOT to go!


Johannah said...

Good move with the white paint! I saw the first picture, with the stained wood and thought it needs to be painted white, and then I scrolled down. It looks lovely.

ugagirl30 said...

I have that same awful ponderosa pine paneling in my house. We painted one room of it, and I still have one room of it. I can't decide on a color to paint it and I already have the curtains, so I feel your pain. I would definitely accessorize with the blue and green to tie the rooms together. My kitchen adjoins the dining room and the computer room (the room with the paneling and the wonderful blue curtains), so I am accenting the kitchen with the red from the dining room and the blue from the curtains in the computer room. But I am loving what you have done so far!!!

Deb said...

Wow, for not being done, it looks pretty impressive. Again, very Pottery Barn of you. I really like the white paint, which usually I don't, but in this room, it really looks clean and classic. Nice move. Can't wait to see how the fireplace turns out.

Magpie Interior Design said...

You are totally joking right? The room looks like something out of Pottery Barn catalog. It's perfect!

And as for that large mirror, I like it. I would keep that. Maybe hang a boxwood wreath from a brown satin ribbon over the mirror. You know, hang the ribbon from the top of the mirror frame so that the wreath is centered on the mirror itself. It would add some color (green) and break up that mirror.

My 2 cents!


Chris said...

Hey, missy! I've been waiting for these pics, and you did not disappoint. I wouldn't feel like you have to tie the two halves of the house together. Then you get trapped into needing those same colors throughout the house, and how fun is that? I'm a HUGE fan of neutrals, so I'm probably not the best person to recommend another color. Personally, I like to use small bits of color that I can change out for the seasons. You could do a warm red/orange for the upcoming fall/winter season and change it (using some items you already have in the other rooms)to a green/blue combo for spring/summer. Now I feel like I'm totally talking out my a@@ right now. I hope this makes sense. P.S. Thanks for the vote on painting the cabinets. I knew you'd say go for it, but I always like to get your imput.

Kim said...

I love everything about the room! Beautiful!

Bella said...

It's beautiful the way it is :) If you want an accent color, I am liking the aqua blue lately, but I know whatever you do will be perfect!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

You are the master!!

First off, who plays?? absolutely love the piano...would love to see a closer pic!

Secondly...I like the big mirror. Maybe you could stick old pictures and notes between the frame and mirror. I just say that, 'cause we ended up puting pics on anything that doesn't move....and It's one of my favorite, unplanned things.

Great paint color pic! We had that same panelling in our FR...and even DARKER in our guesthouse. HUGE difference...Kudos. The floors look scrumptious...what are they??? Geez, i could go on and on but I'll stop!

Cherdecor said...

Well, girlie, you did goot! (as they say out here in PA)

Your living room is gorgeous! You have the black/white/brown going on and that is enough!

I do like the idea that someone had of the wreath on the mirror. That may soften the mirror a little. However, I like the mirror.

Cathy said...

Wow it all looks good!! LOL, I'm waiting for you to come over here and help me ;o). You have wonderful taste!



Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Your before and after pictures are pretty impressive as is! What a difference painting the paneling made. How lucky you are to have room for a baby grand piano!

Nancy Hood said...

I like the idea of a wreath hanging on the mirror, and think a square one of boxwood would be fab! Brown ribbon! I like the idea of mixing blues and greens with red mixed in somewhere that surprizes. I've been a fan of having some sort of shade of red in every room :) Love your place and your ideas, girl! and can't wait to visit and shop! When will we here in P'ville learn more about it?!

maitlandmommy said...

Totally diggin it chickie.

My fiance and i are in the process of merging 2 homes - and just other day he said he was really wanting to do the cream on cream or cream on taupe/sand thing with accent colors and dark brown floors - so funny:)

My 2 cents - definitely keep the large mirror - it SO works - and i love the idea of hanging a wreath over it for color. maybe get a huge honkin' brown ribbon and overlay it with a smaller lime ribbon (flat, not fluffy) so you're lime color has a spot.

And...if i may are you planning to accessorize the e-unit? i have such a hard time doing THAT stuff- i would love the insight.

Michele said...

Gee - I wish my entertainment center was NOT accessorized so wonderfully! And the rest of the room as well. LOVE the piano! Sure wish I had your skills!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Those def. look like "afters" to me, Layla. Looks great. Now, for an accent color, I can sure see aqua or soft gray blue mixed in there & if you wanted to throw in another accent color, a burnt orange would mix well too. That beach house we did had lots of neutral cream, brown, aqua, blue, and a little burnt orangey-red thrown in for a pop. Reminds me of what you've got going already. You're off to a great start.


Ashley said...

I agree with Chris. My family room is pretty neutral and (we just moved in not that long ago so I haven't got it all figured out just yet) I'm planning on changing out pillows, a throw blanket, and a few small accessories with the change of the seasons. Right now I'm using light blue colors which I absolutely love but will probably change to red, orange, or some other warm color once the colder months arrive. Your room is perfect and these small bits of color would just be the cherry on top! Great room!

deepfriedapplepies said...

Everything looks beautiful Layla~ I really love the look of the painted paneling.. very sophisticated. I'm with everyone else.. I don't think you need to add the blue or green.. but maybe the burnt orange accents would really make everything pop!

Teacats said...

Excellent thoughts about an accent color above -- I adore your work and the room is gorgeous -- simply add some rich and spicy colors (dark burnt pumpkin, saffron, dark oregano, indigo, claret, brandy or copper) for a change during the cooler months.

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

chriskauf said...

Hello ,
The room is amazing of course.
I think that the mantel could use some great salvaged brackets corbels what ever you like to call them , it would add some bulk with that amazing mantel.
Can't wait to see what other things you do.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

I would vote for using both blue and green. Or you could use blue in spring/summer and green fall/winter. Use a slightly different shade of blue and/or green than the other rooms so it's not too matchy-matchy but would flow. I like the idea of using "flow" colors but adding in another accent for "pop".

Your home is beautiful! :)

Blessings, Stacey

Desi said...


It's so nice, your decorating!!!!! You have a lovely home.


At Home Redesigns said...

Beautiful rooms. You've done lovely work.


What a is beautiful! I love your couch, where did you get it? I am looking for a new one and I was at restoration hardware and I saw gorgeous pillows (on sale) in browns and blues and tans that would give your couch a touch of color! check it out...