Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Front Yard Photos

Well, I think I've ALMOST fully recouperated. The arthritis in my hands is still hurting a bit...mostly when I first wake up. But I have to say, it was worth it! My Mom, bless her heart, did most of the work, so I shouldn't complain too much.
(Love you Mom!)
Check out these photos I snapped today:

I LOVE looking out the front window now! And I actually WANT to go out and sit on the porch. It's so nice. I am going to water every day this week, and every other day for the next 2 weeks after that.
I just wish it would rain once in a while- what's up with this drought!? Sheesh!
It'll be so great when everything is big and bushy. My Mom seems to think it won't take too long. It might help if I stop looking out the window every five minutes to check its progress, huh? :-)


My Beautiful Mess..... said...

Just found your lovely blog...I love it! Your yard looks awesome -the wait is tough but so worth it. What a great Mom you have! I am very excited visit Lettered Olive. I look forward to visiting you and watching your progress.

Rechelle said...

What a difference. I'm getting a better idea (through this pics) of just how much work you did and how different it really looks. Great job! I know it will look spectacular when it's all filled out. Enjoy your blooms and foliage.

Connie said...

All I can say is Miracle Gro! Any and everything (except ferns.) Way to go and bless your Mom. What a sweetie! I wish my Mom was like that.

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Layla you guys did a fabulous job! Enjoyed the video too. I can't wait to see how it looks in a few weeks either, have fun watering!

Spymommy said...

Looks completely fantastic! Way to go.

Michele said...

Really looks beautiful. Enjoy running to the window to look out every five minutes - that's half the fun!

Nancy Hood said...

We rode up Wetumpka Street today and I guessed you lived on the other side of the cottage ~ are you the ones that added the addition to your home? That street is one of my favorites and I love watching the homes evolve and return to their glory! I've added you to my list of favs and enjoy coming here~

Teacats said...

GREAT job -- and I completely understand your frustration about the watering -- here in Dallas we are so so so dry, parched and dry dusty brown -- just HATE when every place looks so awful! Our front lawn is patchy dry and the backyard looks just awful! Sigh. We will all have to send out our best hopes and wishes for rain!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Kim said...

it looks great!

sex said...