Sunday, July 27, 2008

Living Room Accessories

The Living Room is slowly, but surely, coming together. Here are some things I've got going on so far:

My blinds:

My chocolatey drapes, from Lowes:

And a chair I got at Eastbrook Flea Market for $35. I'm going to have it upholstered in something creamy-white. Not sure about the pattern, I can't wait to shop for fabric though! I'm a fabric junkie. :-)

I'm working on lots of Lettered Olive product this week. So excited! We plan on launching the website October 1st, and setting up a booth at a festival in Seaside, Florida on October 4th. Please come say hello to my Mom and I if you're in the area!

Ciao for now...Layla


CrazyBunnyLady said...

Very nice. I really like the "Be There"

Lori said...

I love your blog. I somehow came across while obsessing over decorating my new house. We just moved from Florida (Niceville)to AL and having so much fun shopping for new stuff for the house.
I adore your style and look forward to seeing what all you do with the new place!

Anonymous said...

As an older seasoned designer, I am going to give you some advice...Those draperies would look so much more custom if you would remove the clips and sew the rings directly to the top of the panel. Hope I'm not offending you. I love this blog and you are so young with many good ideas. I wish you the best.

Mim said...

Love all your natural elements and textures.Also the drapes and all you are doing.
Fun to read what you are planning

Teacats said...

Great room! And love all of the natural elements -- and the signs too! Good luck in Florida! (do we get a sneak peek before you go?)

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

amber said...

Looks like it's going to be great! Will you spill the beans on where you got those great baskets?

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Of course, I love it all! I'd love for you to back up with that camera & give us a shot of the room. Tease!


Layla said...

Hi "Anonymous"!

I'm all about rings sewed directly to the drapes!
When I actually get around to purchasing PERMANENT drapes, rings & rods (these are all just things I already had) I am planning to use big 3 inch, super skinny rings sewed to something like burlap, or linen drapes. I'd also love to replace the inexpensive curtain rods with dark brown bamboo rods.


Layla said...


The baskets (other than the one on the floor, which came from Homegoods) all came from IKEA.


Layla said...

Hi Rhoda!

Good news! I am posting pictures of the whole room this week! :-)

Thanks for the kind words, as always!


Layla said...


Yes! I will post updates throughout August and September, and the website ( will launch October 1st!


Tausha said...

I love your blog. I foiund you from roaming around on Southern Hospitality. I love her and I figured any friend of hers, should be a friend of mine. Espescially is she has the decoarating blood!
Love what you have done to your cute little house! Love your taste and I love the bathroom/bedroom. The paint job is one I just might have to copy!
Please, come and stop by and say hello. I would love to make friends with such a talented gal!!

sarah abeachcottage said...

oooh I'm waiting to see the whole room

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi Layla! What a fun blog you have. Love all the inspiration. You are a girl after my own heart....similiar tastes. I love burlap and am in the process of making drapes with it. I sewed a pillow from burlap. love the texture it adds. I added you to my faves list on my blog...hope you don't mind! Happy Sunday! Cherry

Chris said...

Oh man! I just typed up this long comment, and I deleted it! I basically told you that I love everything, but I have to see more. I can no longer stand these pictorial teases you give. I have to see the whole room, so I can copy every detail. :-) I'll be watching...and a creepy way if I have to.

Bella said...

I love your word signs, did you make them?

I know exactly where all of my filing would go...right into that "ETC" basket, hmmmm-mmmmm...yep...getting my papers in order is another thing on my "To Do" list...which thankfully, I am actually getting to these days, what a great feeling!

I look forward to the full shot of your room! :)

ugagirl30 said...

I sooo know where Eastbrook Flea Market is. I live about an hour away, and sadly I have never been. Things are looking very cool. Lovin' the style.

Deb said...

Layla, I love those frames with the sayings. How did you do that? They look perfect. And the lamp with the tripod stand is awesome. Can't wait to see what else you come up with for the space.

Connie said...

Layla, The colors in your home are so soothing. I can't wait for the whole reveal. Oh and Lettered Olive, the anticipation is killing me!

Layla said...

Bella & Deb-

The quotes are from Pottery Barn. ($12.00 for a set of 10) and I bought the frames from Hobby Lobby. :-)

The lamp is from TJ Maxx!


One Woman's Cottage Life said...

Blown away yet again! I never miss a single post, Layla - and *love* everything you've done so far! Your home is really something special and you have such great vision!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Everytime I come by I am delighted by your fresh style! Congratulations & best of luck on the launch of your new business!

Stop by my blog, I'm having a giveaway.

Kara said...

Too funny. I have the same exact chocolate curtains, with the same rings, and the same curtain rod.

Great minds think alike!

Yaya said...

What an inspiring blog you have! I am so happy that I happened upon it by way of Rhoda's blog. I am always looking for inspiration. I too, am an Alabama lady and love my South and old homes. Good luck with your make-over of your lovely house.

Nancy Hood said...

your site, Layla, has become one of my very, very, very favorites!!!

Magpie Interior Design said...

Wow. That trunk end table is awesome! I love the tripod lamp on it too.

Can't wait to see the whole thing!


BailiwickDesigns said...

I love all your accessories! ::Jill

Susie Harris said...

Love your goodies... cant wait to see your site.. Tell your Mom hello for me and if she is ever in the area.... I sure could use some help in my flower beds,smile... Susie h~

Shannon said...

So pretty! You have so many interesting and one of a kind accessories!

Mrs. Trixi said...

Layla, it already looks great!!

Mim said...

Hi Layla
Thanks for stopping by.
I keep our thermostat at 80 too.
Yeah i think 130 is about right.
Your cottage, cinder block and all is so charming.
I am excited to find your blog, and also that you were able to quit your 'big girl job' and start your new venture.
Love your photos.
I will be reading you everyday.

Katy Lin :) said...

ooooh! i love the "be there" frame! :)

My Place of Peace said...

Wishing you all the best as you take on this new endeavor...if your blog is ANY indication at'll have great success!

Jessi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm really excited to realize my "vision" for my wig-box table.

i have to say i love your blog! the pictures look so warm and comforting. i really love all the frames and words (not to mention that AMAZING mantle!). said...

I found your blog as 'One Of Interest', on mine at smartcreativecookies. I just love your blog. It is refreshing and inspiring, as I watch the same HGTV ideas day in an say it is my addiction. In fact if it is ok with you, I am going to link you from mine.
Sugar Cookie