Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pantry Rug & Coat Hooks

Felt like "showing and telling" today...

I bought this little number at TJ Maxx about a month ago.

LOVE the two different textures woven together to create the stripe effect.
The cream colored stripe is a soft, stringy material and the darker stripe is some kind of natural, jute-like material.
It was the perfect (odd) size for my Pantry!

And I found these on sale for $3.00 each at Kirklands, earlier this year.

Perfect for the "Lettered Cottage", don't you think? :-)
I've got them hanging in the Kitchen, next to the Laundry Room.

Probably my single most favorite thing in the world to do, is shop for home accessories.
Rugs, lighting, art, decor, storage...I have a deeply, intense passion for all of it! And judging by most of the blogs I read, I'm not alone!
I have to FIGHT to not constantly smile in stores like Pottery Barn, ZGallerie, Ikea and HomeGoods. And don't even get me started about the Pottery Barn OUTLET. Each time I'm allowed to vi$it (usually once a year, on my birthday...and yes, that's a dollar sign in the word "visit"), it's the most insanely euphoric experience.
Is that weird?



Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

I can totally relate to your love of home accessories!! I would rather buy for my home than buy clothes for that wierd??

Melissa said...

I can totally relate, though for me it's being in food-related stores like Williams-Sonoma and Sur la Table!


I can remember the first trip I made to Ikea, I was so excited that I could hardly stand it, I wanted to talk to everyone around me, I could hardly contain myself, but made phone calls to friends instead so that they wouldn't think I was completly nuts!!LOL.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I love accessories too! I really have to behave though, now that Christmas is on it's way. I all ready told DH and kids, all I want is cash or gift cards to Home Goods :0).
The hooks are so cute. I love them. I also wanted to say I peeked at the pics of the reading room and hallway. Yay Kevin! They look great. The whole house is really coming together. You, on the other hand just seem to be sliding back into sick. Rest up, sleep when you can and keep taking those antibiotics. Here's some ~~get well~~ & ~~stay healthy~~ vibes coming your way. Hugs!

Cathy said...

The first time I walked into a Home Goods, I stood speechless at the front of the store and told my friend "this is what heaven will look like to me."

leaca said...

I love the "yours" and "mine" all that is missing is "theirs" and I would be set.

Magpie Interior Design said...

Not weird at all. When I entered interior design school, I looked like biggest goober b/c I couldnt stop smiling. I was in my element. Found what I loved to do. And, sounds like you are there too. Enjoy it my friend!

Psst... any word from HGTV?? When will you know anything?


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Nah...It's totally's everyone else that's out of whack!! (hee)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, IKEA is my candy store. :)

Chris said...

I love it all! You're preachin' to the choir about shopping for home products--we ALL love shopping for our homes, don't we? Here's my fantasy. We get up after a looooong night's sleep (remember I have kids--sleep is always in my fantasy), grab some coffee, and shop until we drop. We hit Pottery Barn Outlet and strike it rich. We take a lunch break at...well, Taco Bell, of course. Then we go back to your house, relax in your newly decorated reading room, and read magazines for hours! It's probably good we don't live by each other. We'd spend too much money!

Chris said...

I would just like to publicly acknowledge that I left a long post. Sorry...that one should have been an e-mail.

Inspired Kara said...

Oh I 100% understand. I just spent a good two hours at homegoods this weekend, just smiling. I only bought a laptop bag, but still had a wonderful time.

These stores really do put people in a good mood. I worked at Carte and Barrel for a year and never had a grumpy or mean customer once, not even during christmas. I LOVED IT. If it would pay all my bills I would still work there :)

Marie said...

Shopping for almost anything makes me smile. :o) Well, except for groceries.

Great rug and hooks!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Home accessories, you say?! Oh my yes, I think you already know how I feel about them. Love your latest finds.

You'll have to come by & see my latest home accessory's a little bigger than usual.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Those "yours" and "mine" hooks are darling! I love. What a fabulous blog - glad I stopped by!

Jessica said...

today is my bday, and i spent the morning at hobby lobby and goodwill. . . .along with the dollar tree!!!

loved it!

i'm already trying to decide where i want hubby to take me tonight to shop!!! i'll have two little boys with me though. . .so i don't go all out!!!!!