Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dean Family Stairwell Redesign

I received an email from the Dean Family recently, requesting my help with their Stairwell. Jenni purchased one of my Photo Consultations, so I got to work on some options for her to choose from.

Here's what Jenni wrote:

"Here is the next space that we need some help on. It is our stairway that leads to two bedrooms upstairs. The first picture shows just a tiny portion of it if you are looking at it from the bathroom. The only thing that has to stay is the door at the top. If you feel it needs a color change we could probably do that. Right now the steps only have carpet on the tops of them.
We don't want to spend too much but we definitely want it to look better! I am not sure if you can tell but there is a light on the ceiling above the landing at the top of the staircase. I hate it right now and can't wait to change it. The ceiling height at the top is pretty low, so it can't be any kind of light fixture that would hang down."

In one Scheme, I suggested using a Sisal Runner, like this:

But after looking at this next Scheme, in a few different color options, Jenni and her husband decided on this one:

The fronts of the stairs are painted white. The top side of each stair is painted black. Each step has a number stenciled on the front of it, starting with a number "1" on the bottom step. The trim in the stairwell is painted a crisp shade of white and the walls are painted a light wheat color. I suggested painting the door at the top of the steps, and Jenni said they are going to, but haven't decided on the color yet.

These are the light fixure options I recommended for the landing at the top of the steps:

This shows the stairwell from the other direction, looking down the stairs-

I used this light fixture to illuminate the bottom landing.

Jenni has informed me that they are going shopping for trim and light fixtures tomorrow, and promised to send me "After" photos of the Stairwell when they are done making the changes!

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Cathleen Farrell said...

Hi Layla,
Love your photo format for consultations! What are you using? Your suggestion for the stair case is awesome, so creative with the numbers on the stairs.

alice said...

Amazing! I love both of your ideas, but really love the stairs with the numbers. The light fixtures are perfect.

Lincs and Ali said... has actually numbered her stairs in her home just like that...

Handmade Housewife... said...

That's such a cute idea to number the stairs. My husband and I ripped carpet off the stairs in our condo when we first got married. We used exterior porch paint for the durability and did the whole staircase white. It held up well, was easy to clean, and looked very sharp. I think they will love having painted steps!


Kymm said...

I really like both pics.You always post such great ideas.

Screaming Meme said...

I am crazy for the numbered one! It rocks and so do you! Love ya,Meme

3 Docs and A Diva said...

WOW! Love the new design!

Anonymous said...

can you paint plywood stairs or do they have to be real wood?

Sarah Bertich said...

First let me say how much I love your blog and advice. I was just wondering where you found the lighting for the stairway. I am looking for new lights and those are perfect.
Thanks, Sarah