Saturday, November 1, 2008

Flea Market Find - Chippy Chair

Don't you just LOVE it when you're strolling along in a flea market/antique store that's CRAMMED FULL of the kind of junk that makes your mind race with ideas about where it could go in your home?

Or how about when you plan a trip to a certain flea market/antique store to specifically find something you need for an area of your home.

A while back, I set out to J&G Antique and Flea Market, with high hopes of finding the perfect chair to fill up this awkward space in my kitchen:

I knew it was a long shot, and I only had about an hour to sift through booth after booth of stuff- but I knew exactly what I wanted.

1. It had to have a high back- so it would really visually fill up that space.

2. It had to have character and a "one-of-a-kind" type charm.
(I didn't want it to look like I took it from a set of six.)

3. I wanted its lines to be traditional.

4. I prayed that it would have dusty green paint chipping off of it.

I know, I know...I'm setting myself up for failure right?

Look what I found for $15:

The lines on the chair back remind me of sun rays and the hole in the top is shaped just like a cresent moon...such a fun little chair.

A close up of the patina:

This is the inspiration fabric I chose to decorate my Kitchen around, and it matches beautifully with my new chippy chair:

So here she her new home. I would love to cover the cushion I've got on her right now, in a piece of striped fabric that coordinates with my inspiration fabric. That'll have to be another day though...I'm off to do another Kitchen re-design...woo hoo! :-)


Sunny said...

Very nice. Love green and love "chippy". I think Chippy is a good name for your new little chair! Very nice find indeed!

Natalie said...

The flea market gods were shining down on you! It is perfect. Congrats :)

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Nice chippy green chair find! Looks perfectly at home!

sandra/tx said...

Perfect! Great find!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I'm glad you found what you set out to find. It's got a lot of character and is oh so cute.
Can I ask you a question? Where your beadboard backsplash ends, (just below the cabinet), did you finish that end off with anything? We're getting ready to put ours up and I'm not sure if we should try and cap it or something. Thanks!

Leila said...

Great find! It's just right.

Your kitchen is coming together! You are a genius.

Emily said...

Love the great chair you found. Don't you just love when you luck out and find that perfect find that so rarely happens?

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

I'm so far behind, but had to come by & see your new chair! I love it..what a great score. Cute, cute indeed.

I have to go back & see your bloopers. It will take me all week to visit all my bloggy friends.

ka1t_lyn said...

Oh what luck, that is lovely! :)

angela | the painted house said...

Don't you love when the design stars align and you get what you want? Looks so perfect there!

Kris said...

It was meant to be - your new Mr. Chippy looks right at home in your kitchen!

leaca said...

I like the rustic look, great find. The kitchen and dining look amazing.

Jenny said...

Just found your blog! I love that chair and for $

Junk Sophisticate said...

I recently came across your blog and must confess I've been reading each and every one of your old posts! I relate to your budget decorating and have really found some useful ideas here that I never thought of. Thank you.

This chair is lovely. Couldn't have been any more perfect, huh?


Kim said...

Great chair...I would love to have four of them for my dining room!

Tara said...

Love it, I spied it the other day when you were posting pics on your kitchen and I loved it then, but love it more now I see it up close! And for $15.00, got to love that too!

Cheers to Flea Markets!

~ Tara ~

Anonymous said...

Very cute, if you had kids it could be the time out chair !!!

What kind of flooring did you use in your kitchen I love it ?