Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flea Market Find - Full Size Antique Bed

Feast your eyes upon another treasure I spotted while I was at the Flea Market today-


Stunning, isn't it?
Can you guess the price?

(Or more importantly, can you guess how BADLY I wanted to straighten up this booth!?)

Updated, January 26th: The bed is priced at $199.99!


TWB said...

If it is over $800, I say don't get it.

Tonya said...

Wow...that bed looks very similiar to one I just got at the thrift store for $30 bucks! Mine needs the finials... and it was missing the bedrails. I got a set of bedrails that were laying around the thrift store, but they weren't for a queen bed (5 inches too short) so now I am on the hunt for cheap bedrails. I mean I can't spend over $30 on the bedrails when the bed was $30. (-;

I actually had considered sending you a pic of the bed so I could get your advice on what color to paint my bedroom, and what color to paint the funny you should post that video! Obviously without bedrails I am not ready to tackle the project, but you might hear from me about it in the future when I get my act together!

Wendy said...

Ok after seeing the bed, forget the mirror and get that bed! I love that bed. That bed is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I would have to guess $150.00????
Great bed will look wonderful with the direction you’re going with your decor.

Mississippi Mama said...

That's the bed I grew up with! Only mine's mahogany. Mine's an antique and was made in North Carolina in the 1800s.

Karla said...

Ooohhh! I love it! Did you already get it? Hopefully you got a screaming deal! I'll guess $75.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

I love your little pendant light for $6! what a steal & I love it as is with only the bottom painted. So cute! You're finding some great things out there.

Leigh said...

Ok, do tell...what antique places do you visit? I love that bed...exactly what I am looking for for my son's room redo that I posted last week.

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

No guess on the bed, but I'm right there with you on wanting to clean up that booth!

Donna said...

I LOVE that guess is $150!

also thanks for the paint color suggestion you left on my blog! You are so sweet.

Extreme Home Renos said...

You gave no hint if it was a high end place or not! LOL

High end - $850?
Low end - $375

So... didja get it?


Misti said...

Hi Layla~ I love your finds! That lamp is going to be awesome. Stop by my blog and give me your opinion on my great Goodwill find. I can't wait to dig in and do something with it!

moosetique said...

My guess is $250 on the bed. I liked the mirror too.

Chris said...

Get the bed, get the bed, get the bed! I can't guess prices. It has been brought to my attention by many that I suck at that game. :) There goes my career on The Price is Right. How much? Did you buy it? Did the booth get straightened? :)

3 Peanuts said...

I am guessing $150 which would be a GREAT deal. I want to clean up the booth too. Where is this place?????

Kpeters said...

That same bed is in our spare room!! My aunt left it to me years ago. I slept in it has a child when I went to her house for visits. My granddaughter will get the bed after I am done with it!

Layla said...

Hi Leigh!

I shop at J and G's in Prattville, and Eastbrook Antique and Flea Market in Montgomery, Alabama.


Layla said...

Hi Donna!

I think the cleanliness of the booth offers a hint at the price point. :-)


LillyB said...

I feel your pain about wanting to spruce up the area!! I have to bite my lip to keep from saying "You know this would be so much prettier over here, or why don't you sit this here!" I have however been known to move something around when noone is manning the area LOL
Beautiful bed!