Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eastbrook Flea Market- Part Two

Bummer news...apparently the Blissdom Convention is sold out, so I won't get to meet so many of my internet friends in Nashville this weekend.
What a total drag. :-(

Maybe I'll drown my sorrows by hitting up another flea market.
That's my favorite quick pick-me-up.

Speaking of which, here are the rest of the photos I took the other day at Eastbrook.
The architectural element in the photo above would look stunning sitting on a mantle like this one. (I removed the art that currently hangs above it, so you could get a better visual):

Those light fixtures look familiar, huh Jenni?!

Edited 2/5/09 to include:
Catherine at Simply Natural directed me to this photo she blogged about yesterday, by KAA Design Group:

It looks like the exact same piece, doesn't it? Wild that we both blogged about it the same day!

This pale blue shelf was, quite possibly, the coolest thing I saw there that day:

It seems like the price was around $199.

These ornate tin wall baskets must have been "the real deal", because they were priced around $250 from what I remember. Yikes!

I LOVE this little piano stool.

Can't you just picture it painted a creamy white and re-upholstered in a fabric like one of these:

In a room like this:

This "Partners Desk" was pretty expensive. Five hundred smackers, to be exact.

I love the idea of working this way.

I could see it painted a cheerful color, like yellow.

Something as sweet as the concept of being able to see your loved ones face while working. :-)
Check out the little rubber stamp holder that's attached to the top of the desk:

What a great place to display test tubes filled with flower stems. Or clip family photos and love notes.

I never did find the price tag on this next table, but more than anything, I wanted to take a picture because it looks like it would be so easy to make. The finish is fantastic too. What a great table for a home with children in it, eh?

This little green topped table was only $35. Too bad I don't have a spot for it.

Paint the legs white, and it would look perfect in an interior like this:

This birdcage card holder was priced at $34.

Here's a close up:

It might also look neat hanging in a large picture window, minus the cards.

So all the birds outside become your pets. :-)

The last thing I photographed was this funky little bench. What an awesome paint finish! I normally wouldn't be drawn to it's geometric lines, but there's just something about it that makes me smile. :-)

Now...out of all the ones I photographed, what was your favorite flea market find?


alice said...

Hi Layla... Looks like so much fun! I would have to say my favorite is the "partner's desk"
and the rubber stamp holder is a nice addition. Wnderful ideas!

Terri said...

Oh, Layla, you found some great things. I like the green topped table the best. What a steal of a deal!

Erin said...

Does the fabric count? I just love fabric. I want to make a quilt out of that stack. I also love the "architectural element," i would never have thought of putting it above a fireplace, but it would be the perfect place for it!

Kaye at Kaye's Kreative Korner said...

I LOVE the bird cage! So many things you could do with that! Thanks for the pics, I needed that! (not a lot of flea markets near me)

lori vliegen said...

oh, that birdcage card holder has my name written all over it! love, love, love it!! :)

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Layla - load up and head on down here - we'll have our own mini convention! xo

Pitterbull said...

I love the wall baskets best of all. I love the "partners desk", but couldn't imagine actually working that way. It's cute though.

Catherine said...

Hi Layla

Great blog! I've been reading it for a while now, but not sure if I've ever commented before. But I felt complelled to comment today, because the piece of ironwork that you feature in the first picture of your post looks very similar to one that I own and posted about yesterday in the post titled "I'm famous! Well kind of" - spooky!

Simplicity Cottage said...

What a bunch of great finds! Makes me want to go shoppin'. Decisions, decisions! Green is my favorite color and I love that table but I love the blue shelf, too. Hmm...I think I would take the table. I can always make room for something green especially when it's such a bargain!

Dana said...

You have some very cute finds there! However I just have to know why you want to paint the wood all the time?? Why ruin a beautiful piece like the Partner's Desk (LOVE THAT) with paint?? It would look gorgeous with a nice sanding and a coat or two of finish. Mmm... It makes my skin crawl to see painted wood so often :) Otherwise, the rest of your finds rock. I love the metal piece!

Inspired Kara said...

My favorite is, with no doubt, the rubber stamp holder!!!

Blueprint Bliss said...

those things make me want to go to our local flea market! i esp love the second photo of the house with so much white! i just listed you in today's post on my blog... just wanted to let you know!

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Layla, I have a present for you on my blog today :)

Kristine and Michael said...

has to be the Partners Desk. I wish we had flea markets like that here. :)

Kimba said...

Oh booooooo! I was really looking forward to meeting you. Maybe next time!

Love your shopping pictures!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I like the green table for the price and the blue bench for the color. :)

The Sawyer Family said...

My favorites were from the 1st post... the old scale and the picture after it of the dusty blue table with drawers and a shelf on the bottom. Loved them!!

Layla said...

Hi Dana!

I think the phrase, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" applies here.

What might make your skin crawl, might give mine chill bumps of a completely different kind! :-)

And for the record, I don't paint everything, just the pieces that really speak to me- begging for a fresh, new look in their new cottage abodes.

Layla :-)

Susan S. said...

Hi Layla....sorry to hear you won't be going to Blissdom. I just recently heard about it and won't be going this year...but there's always NEXT time. AND....I think you should take the money you would have spent on travel, convention, etc. and go have a blow out shopping trip at the flea market. IMAGINE what all that money could get! Woohoo...I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

Ann said...

I like the first piece on the mantle! Could you put it above a bed?? It would look SO much better above my mantle then the darn LCD. *ugh*
The partners desk is adorable too! Reminds me of studyhall when not a lot of studying was going on.... lol!

Eleanor Oser said...

Hi! I love your blog and all of your great ideas! My husband are going to Atlanta tomorrow for the weekend and I would love to visit a flea market or two! Can you recommend some of your favorites between Birmingham and Atlanta on I-20!?! Thanks for your help!

Leigh said...

MIne is the architextural piece. LOVE that!

Jen Kershner said...

Okay, I see several things I really MUST have. Thanks for the tease!

Celia said...

The pale blue shelf, while not exactly my favorite, was the item that made me click on a picture to get the full size. It looks like somebody put together a shelf, the gun rack out of their truck, and one of those roller foot massager thingies. And then painted it all blue. VERY unusual!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

I love that blue shelf. You find the coolest stuff. I can't wait until it's flea market season again in Ohio.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Oh... my favs are the partner's desk and most of all the farmhouse table!
Would love to have that cut down to a coffee table! Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerald Olesker said...

Hi Layla,
Great stuff. KAA is a fine firm. I’ve supplied many items for their projects over the years. If you would like to leak this out to your audience we can share photos of antiques, old iron and lighting and cool architectural elements. Let your folks know. We also will have some great elements from our Hearst Castle Collection of Decorative Lighting and Iron. or jump to our main site at
Best, Gerald Olesker

Elizabeth said...

I would love to find a funky painted bench like in your last photo.