Thursday, October 1, 2009

Savoie Faire Photography Winner Announcement

735 readers entered the Savoie Faire Photography giveaway, and today at noon we let pick our two lucky winners...

Here's a little video we taped today, just after the winners had been chosen, which reveals the identities of Commenters #240 and #568...

Congratulations ladies, and thanks to everyone who signed up.
If you didn't win, don't fret! The Blushing Hostess is doing 8 weeks of holiday entertaining giveaways!

Head on over to the Blushing Hostess Entertains Blog for a chance to win invitations, stationery, personalized gifts, entertaining tableware & linens and even fabulous cookbooks. All Blushing Hostess Entertains Followers are eligible, and it sounds like there are lots of goodies to go around, so good luck!

Here's a link to this weeks giveaway:
Blushing Hostess Entertains - Week One

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ropergirl3 said...

thanks for the generous giveaway and congrats to the winners!

Cathy said...

Aww what a cute what to announce the winners! Congratulations ladies.. It was a BEAUTIFUL day for the park!



Hollie said...

The video clip wouldnt work for me. Can you please type out the winners' names? Thanks!

Karli said...

Layla, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I'm so inspired by the light and relaxing feeling of your lettered cottage.

Thought I'd let you know that I posted a coffee table makeoever inspired by YOU and the Half Note Cottage. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights!

SheilaC said...

Hello Layla and Kevin!!!

Thank you so much for picking my name in this give away!!! I am SO happy to have won this for my daughter Gina's home.....I will try to keep it a surprise till Christmas, but not sure I can keep it a secret; its just so wonderful!!

Thank you!

Amber said...

Thank you for the giveaway chance and introducing us to that etsy seler. You two are TOO cute!!!

Stephanie said...

Congrats ladies! Cute video!