Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kitchen Cabinet Baskets

The blinds I'm using throughout the house look like this:

So what happens when you find baskets (at IKEA) that perfectly fit the openings of your kitchen cabinets that look like this?

Well, you paint them with three different colors of acrylic paint and spray them with a glossy clear coat of course!

Here's a photo of when I had painted two of the baskets, and the bottom one is still unfinished:

Still no backsplash, no accesories, no hanging light fixtures, no rugs, no stainless steel appliances, and STILL haven't finished trimming out the tops of the cabinets...but here's another look at the kitchen in it's current state:

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kitchen Cabinet Details

My Kitchen only has ONE little, tiny window in it (above the sink), so when I painted my cabinets, I decided to have some mirror cut to adhere (using velcro) to the inside/backs of the open cabinets.

I needed six pieces of mirror, and got them cut at a local picture framing company for $10 a piece. It has really helped open up the space, and kind of tricks you into thinking there are more windows. Sneaky, huh? :-)

I lined the cabinets with a rubbery, black shelf liner material, (from Walmart) so the dishes would have a soft landing when unloading them from the dishwasher.

I added this little piece of trim around the cabinets that I took the doors off of, to make sure the lack of doors looked very intentional. I didn't want it to look like I was just too lazy to paint and re-install the doors. It took a little more time to do this step, but I think it was well worth the extra work, and gives the open cabinetry a nice, finished look.

Thought I'd share of few more of my favorite bargain shopping finds again today...

I found this set of 12 little tiny wine glasses (they're only about 5 inches tall) at a flea market (that's inside of an old barn....heaven) for $6.00! Aren't they precious! They're one of my most favorite possessions. :-)

I got this mirror at Pier One on clearance for $60 (marked down from $250) last year.
Still haven't decided where it's going to hang. Love the grooves. Just not sure about its color or if it needs extra trim around the opening where the mirror is.

Well, I'm off to work on a product for letteredolive.com. It's my favorite one so far...so excited to show ya'll! The website is coming along. The antibiotics I'm taking make me kind of sleepy, so I'm only able to stare at this computer for so long these days. I will be SOOO happy when this sickness goes away! :-(

Til tomorrow....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pantry Rug & Coat Hooks

Felt like "showing and telling" today...

I bought this little number at TJ Maxx about a month ago.

LOVE the two different textures woven together to create the stripe effect.
The cream colored stripe is a soft, stringy material and the darker stripe is some kind of natural, jute-like material.
It was the perfect (odd) size for my Pantry!

And I found these on sale for $3.00 each at Kirklands, earlier this year.

Perfect for the "Lettered Cottage", don't you think? :-)
I've got them hanging in the Kitchen, next to the Laundry Room.

Probably my single most favorite thing in the world to do, is shop for home accessories.
Rugs, lighting, art, decor, storage...I have a deeply, intense passion for all of it! And judging by most of the blogs I read, I'm not alone!
I have to FIGHT to not constantly smile in stores like Pottery Barn, ZGallerie, Ikea and HomeGoods. And don't even get me started about the Pottery Barn OUTLET. Each time I'm allowed to vi$it (usually once a year, on my birthday...and yes, that's a dollar sign in the word "visit"), it's the most insanely euphoric experience.
Is that weird?


Reading Room/Hallway Flooring

So, over the past few days, my health got worse again. I went to the doctor to make sure I didn't have Strep Throat, since my sore throat (that I STILL have) has lasted about 2 weeks now. It almost became unbearable to swallow the night before last. :-(
Good news, I don't have Strep.
Bad news, I've got a bacterial infection.
So I'm on Antibiotics for the next 10 days, and I was also prescribed eye drops that will hopefully get rid of all the yellowish-green stuff that has been oozing from them for the past couple weeks. One morning I had to literally PEEL my left eyelids apart with both hands. Gross!

Anyway, while I've been sick, Kevin installed the flooring in the Hallway.
Check it out!

I still need to purchase the White Pickstick Twin Quilt for the daybed.
And the drapes for the inside AND outside of the doorway. (See my lonely little rod hanging there, just waiting?) I want to do drapes on the inside AND outside of the doorway to really give this once awkward little space a sense of personality. I'd like it to radiate such a cozy vibe, you can't resist going in to relax.

I'd like to put a little lamp on the table next to the bed.
And maybe hang a big, tall mirror (above the table) on the wall.
I also need to purchase another one of my favorite bamboo blinds for the window.

I think a rug would be nice too.
Oh, and a little chandelier, hanging down from the ceiling.
I think the green pillow will be switched out too. I have a another idea that I am really excited about....I'll show you when I get it. :-)

That's all for now...but I'll be back tomorrow with more pics!


PS...Regarding HGTV- I'm going to fill out the application, send in work from my portfolio, and record a 5-minute video showing one of my designs. I'll let you know if I hear anything back!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Doorway Trim

Finally got around to adding the trim to the doorway we decided to take a reciprocating saw to a few months ago...

Isn't it funny what a little trim will do? What a tedious, "un-fun" way to totally finish off the look of a room.

Here are some more shots of the trim, and beadboard, we added to the space to give it more cottage appeal:

I've been slowly piecing together frames for the picture ledge. Now I just need to get the four black and white prints ordered.

I thought I'd see what the room looked like with my flea-market bench under the window. I still haven't purchased the fabric to make curtains yet, so excuse the naked window...

Just for fun, I threw some accessories together to make my table look a little prettier for these pictures...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Notecards & letteredolive.com

I will be adding several Notecard sets to the Lettered Olive Etsy page this week.
Stop by and check them out!

Also, I am about 7 days away from launching letteredolive.com so stay tuned for the official launch date in the very very near future! :-)


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Etsy Shop

The Lettered Olive Etsy shop is officially open!
I've only got a few Quoteboxes on there right now, but I'll continue to add more throughout the week. I've been battling with a BAAAAD cold and now I have PINK EYE....ugh...so my time on the computer has been limited.....(cough, cough, cough)

I will also be putting another inspirational product I've been creating on there next week...and I'm SOOOO excited for you to see it! It's not only a great-looking home accessory, but will make a FANTASTIC gift too. I should have a photo of it to show you here within the next few days when my custom labels arrive....stay tuned!

Here's my temporary shop address:

I did manage to get technical support to answer the sixth email I sent them regarding my troubles with LetteredOlive.com. So hopefully within the next couple weeks our real site will be up and running.

I'll keep you posted as that story develops.... :-)

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Martha Stewart and Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien and Martha Stewart snuggle up in a GOOD BED

Thought ya'll might enjoy this...I did :-)


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay....are you ready to see who won the MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION GIVEAWAY?
Watch the video below to see who won!

If you're the winner, email me at LaylaPalmer@aol.com to claim your prize. :-)

I am having technical difficulties with the letteredolive.com, so in the meantime we've decided to open an Etsy store. It will launch sometime over the next day or so, so check back here for details if you're interested.

Click the picture below to view our brand new company logo!

I'm big into visualization, I think it's really powerful, so I put it on the same page as a bunch of successful businesses that I admire the most. If we only have HALF the success they do, we'll be happy campers! :-)

Til tomorrow,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Giveaway Day!

Today (at 4:00 p.m. Central Time) I will put all of the peoples names who have entered my MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION GIVEAWAY into a hat.
Then I'll videotape my dog, Maximus, pulling the winners name out!
(I'm determined that I can get him to do this on the first try....if not, there will be lots of funny outtakes for you to watch)

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will post the video here on my blog.
So SCROLL DOWN AND ENTER, if you haven't already.
And check back tomorrow to watch the video of me and Max announcing the winners name!


PS...Thanks to all that have chimed in on which logo you think I should use. I appreciate everyone taking the time to do that. I will post the winning logo and other exciting Lettered Olive news on Friday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Halloween Inspiration

I found these pics at one of my FAVORITE blogs: urbanfarmhouse.blogspot.com

I can tell you right now that sometime within the next month, I will be purchasing a mini-chalkboard, a silver scoop and a bunch of pumpkin/cinnamon/apple/spice/insert any other "Fall-themed Scent" here, potpourri- to throw together in a big, old doughbowl.

Which of these ideas appeal the most to YOU!


(And don't forget- Wednesday is the last day to enter the MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION GIVEAWAY contest! You still have time to get in the game!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Written by the first person I ever loved...

"...Waking up to only the sound of birds singing, the smell of coffee brewing, and a clear view of the sunrise, is a nearly perfect start to each day. The only way to improve that would be to add the sound, smell or sight of water. My dream home is a small, cozy stone cottage, with a view straight through to the back yard when you enter the front. A nearby greenhouse would double as a dining area for large family or friend gatherings. Also, hidden on the 2 acre+ sight would be a guest house for those family members and friends. This would all be someplace with a temperate climate – windows open at least half the year – with definite seasonal changes, and within walking distance of parks, dining, and shopping. I would like to grow things – feed bodies and souls – with organic produce, herbs and cutflowers. My daily resting time would be spent reading, walking the dogs, birdwatching, listening to music or making it on my piano. Fulfilled, the days would end with a homebrewed beer or wine, watching the sunset with my happy husband..."


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lettered Olive Logo

Calling all opinions!
I am trying to settle on which "Lettered Olive" logo to go with.
Here are the seven choices I have designed. I love them all, but am curious as to which ONE gets the most instant gut reaction from you all.
(FYI: The "things" or "scribbles" on the left and right side of logo #1, #2, #4 and #6 are parentheses. I love the mixture of their organic-ness, next to clean, crisp type...yummy!)








I want EVERYONE who reads this post to please leave me a comment telling me which logo you like best. (Wonder how many people read this thing anyway?) It'll only take a second, and I'm determined to get at least 200 opinions, so that I can make a very educated decision. This is super important to me, and I trust your opinions....you're some stylish folks!

I should tell you a little bit about the thought process that went into the creation of these designs.
Lettered Olive is going to be about unique and inspiring cottage decor.
Our style is classic, organic, stylish and simple.
We love to mix clean-lined & fresh with time-worn & crusty.
A lot of what we create will be seaside-inspired, and other things will be farmhouse-fresh.
Lettered Olive will also offer both Interior and Landscape Design Consulting services.
I tried to design logos that I thought encapsulated what we're all about.
Now it's your turn to choose which you like best!

Ready? Set? COMMENT! :-)

Edited on 9/14/08- Some folks have suggested I design a "more creative" logo. But I gotta say, "simple" seems to be where it's at:

And, if you haven't already, scroll down and enter my MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION GIVEAWAY contest too!