Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Savoie Faire Photography Giveaway!

We are delighted to have Christine, from Savoie Faire Photography, as one of our Sponsors. Her custom collage prints and cards are created using photos of various objects that represent letters of the alphabet, and we think they are SO cool!
When Christine wrote and asked if we'd like to do a couple of giveaways, we were so excited. What a fantastic prize for "The Lettered Cottage" readers!

Here are the two pieces that are up for grabs this week...

The Personalized Name Frame Print measures 8x20 & will be framed as shown in the photo. Since this is a custom item, Christine will be in touch with the winner about what name you'd like on it.

If you'd like to read more about her Personalized Name Frame Prints you can check them out here.

The Alphabet Photo Collage Print measures 11x14. The framed print, will be given exactly as shown. (This prize is ready to ship, and is not customizable.)

Here's a link to one in her Etsy shop.

Christine will cover UPS shipping to winners that live in the continental US. If a winner isn't located in the continental US, she'll pay up to $16.50 in shipping fees, and just asks that the winner cover any additional costs.

The giveaway starts today, Tuesday, September 29, and will end at noon on Thursday, October 1st.
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post stating which piece you'd like to win. On Thursday, we will use the Randomizer to select a name for each item, and then we'll post the winners names here on our blog.

Good luck, and may the force be with you....

Kevin and Layla

This giveaway ended at Noon (Central Standard Time) on Thursday, Oct. 1st. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Trials and Trim-ulations


Well, unfortunately trimming out the hallway has turned out to be a bigger job than Kevin originally expected, so it's taking a little longer to finish. It's not the end of the world, I'm just impatient and can't wait to see the finished product! :-)
Turns out this old place has a few less-than-straight walls and some not-perfectly-level ceilings to boot. I guess that's to be expected in a 60 year old house. The good news is, I think he figured out a great solution today, and now that the situation is under control, he should be able to finish all the trim work tomorrow. (No pressure though honey) :-)

While Kevin worked on the opposite side of the hall today, I seized an opportunity to push the linen press into place, just to see what it would eventually look like. We had no idea when we bought it that we'd end up using in the hallway, but it does seem like the perfect spot for it now!

Of course I couldn't stop there- so I asked Kevin to help me hang a big, wood-framed mirror on the wall above. It was left by the previous homeowners, and it just happened to be the perfect size- I love it when that happens!
Before we attached it to the wall, I painted it with leftover paint I had from another project and lightly distressed the edges to give it a little character.

Once the linen press and the mirror were in place I couldn't help but mess around with some accessories.

I clipped some branches from out back and stuck them in a $8.00 jug I got at HomeGoods a couple years back...

I brought in the small, silver trophy that I bought for $2.00 on the Endless Yardsale, and filled it with a $5.00 bouquet from Walmart...

And because every tabletop needs at least one book, I stacked a few of my favorites here. I bought them at an antique store years ago...

I love buying ones with sweet titles like these. :-)
I covered the top book with a piece of an old piano roll I had.
I love that you can see the lyrics on the edge.

I got a whole box full of piano rolls last year at a flea market in Montgomery. They cost between $2.00 and $4.00 each, and they make the cutest little book covers!

We've got an exciting giveaway to blog about tomorrow, so if you're feeling lucky- make sure to stop by and enter your name! :-)

Have a great week!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raised In Cotton

The other night after reading our blog post about our transom opening, I received an email from Carol of "Raised In Cotton". She sent us photos of the transoms in her 140 year old farmhouse.

We were so excited to see they looked just like the one we had just cut out!

Her transoms made us feel even better about the impulsive decision we made to cut a hole in our wall! :-)

Of course, because we're obsessed with fixing up houses, we asked Carol if we could see more photos, and if it would be alright for me to blog about them. She sweetly obliged, and emailed us a handful of photos that literally had Kevin and I gasping as we scrolled through them...

Carol and her husband, a.k.a "Mr. PracticalPants", purchased the farmhouse this summer. One of the first houses in Jackson County, Missouri- it was built in 1865 by a farmer and his wife, who at the time owned 500 acres. The home sits on one acre today- which sounds a lot easier to mow. :-)
Painted in creams and whites, with nine foot ceilings and crown molding throughout, Carol said she "pretty much lost it upon stepping inside the front door".
Among other amazing details, the home has three porches with stained glass doors, a center staircase and formal foyer, and the most spectacular antique chandeliers hanging everywhere you look. Carol adores a "clean, farmhouse style with a just a bit of elegance", so for her, this house is perfection!
She described the experience of buying the place as a "dream come true" and was so surprised to find out that it sat just 5 minutes away from their previous home.

Since moving in, they've been doing renovations, such as replacing the wooden lap boards on the exterior, and re-doing the master bathroom- which actually started out as a closet. Carol has so many ideas, and I for one will be anxiously awaiting her blog posts as they lovingly restore this fascinating old place!

The dining room has a darling built-in window seat...

Carol's cuddly dog "Belle" likes it too...

The family room also has a window seat. The attention to detail in old houses like this really fuels our passion to buy a much older home in the future.

From the original doors, stained glass, mouldings and chandeliers throughout, to the amount of natural light flooding into each room, this house is simply breathtaking!

Thank you for allowing Kevin and I to blog about it Carol, and good luck with all of your renovations. We're so happy and excited for you!

Layla :-)

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Hall Walls - Sneak Peek

I realize the photos don't really show much of the hallway, but we're not quiiiiiite done. We're close, I swear! I just couldn't go to bed tonight without posting something!
As soon as everything is finished, you'll be the first to know! :-)


PS...The samples we showed in our last video only come in a satin finish, (my favorite!) and I've used them on walls and furniture tons of times without any trouble at all! :-) Oh! Also, there is insulation behind the wood planks, for those of you who were wondering. When the house was first built, all that covered the planks was wallpaper.

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The Lettered Color

Here's a little video I shot while Kevin mixed up a color for our hallway...
(I just realized I had the Back Light button on the whole time, so sorry it's so bright!)

I'm happy to report that the walls and ceiling are painted as of today! Yahoo!

The trim isn't quite all up yet though, so we'll be back soon with more photos as soon as it's all finished.

This was such an unexpected little renovation, and we've definitely learned a lot over the past few days. For one, Kevin learned that he does not enjoy painting whatsoever. He says it's because he's "not good at it". He reached a breaking point today when he stepped in paint, and at the same time, had paint drip from the ceiling onto his face. He actually had to stop and take a drive to "cool down" after that one. Poor thing. :-)

We also learned that no space is too small or insignificant to overlook.
What was once simply a pass-through area has surprisingly blossomed into an inspired little spot with a personality all its own.
It's made the visual journey from room to room so much more fun too!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend y'all, and if you're tackling a project- have fun with it! If you run into challenges, push through them and keep your eye on the prize because it will be so worth it in the end!

We'll be back with more photos soon,


Obsession du jour: These French enamel house numbers from FadedPlains.com

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lola B's

Have you been to Lola B's Boutique?

Talk about eye candy! If you haven't stopped by, you must give this site a visit. You will love the things you see!

Kasey, the owner, is going to be giving away an Anthropology gift card worth $150 AND a Lola B's package valued at $100 soon- so make sure to visit her blog for more details!

Also, she's hosting another "Lola B's At Home" event on October 3rd.

You may have read about it on page 20 in this issue of Country Living magazine...

I sure wish I lived closer to Illinois. I'd love to visit her and her 100 year old house, not to mention take home some of her amazing goodies!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One coat down, one to go!

We mixed up a custom color for the hallway today. Stay tuned for a video we shot about that whole deal! :-)

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at the hallway after the ceilings and walls were primed...

We still have to add trim to the vertical seams where the walls meet up with each other. I believe that's on Kevin's agenda tomorrow.

Did I mention he's sporting a Kilz-tipped faux-hawk today? :-)

It won't be long before we can start decorating this new, little space- woo hoo! Who woulda' thought I'd ever be so excited about our hallway!?

'Til tomorrow!


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ready, Set, Prime!

Thanks so much for all the nice comments you've left us over the past couple of days!
We get together for breakfast, lunch and supper and take turns reading through them while we dine. Those moments are highlights of our day and we sure do appreciate your support and motivation! :-)


Mr.LC finished trimming out the transom window this morning. Then he pulled out nails and cleaned the walls in the hallway this afternoon.
Here's a 360 degree view of it...

And the award for the "Blurriest Picture Of The Year" goes to...........

(What? You never heard of the B-POTY's?) ;-)

We are so lovin' our handsome new transom!

We definitely need one over the office door on the right too.

(Oh, and our ceilings are nine feet tall for those of you who asked) :-)

Here is where the stove used to be....

It will now be home to our linen press.

Shortly after he started priming, Kevin realized that he needed to run to the store for some Liquid Nails. While he was gone, I wandered out into the hall to check out what he had done so far.

I found this...(sigh)

<3 (-:

(tip your head to the right- that's a little smiley face with a heart under it)

I'm a huge fan of leaving notes for your loved ones to find, but it always catches me by surprise when others do it for me. He made my day with his precious primed profession!


It's now ten o'clock at night. Everything is still. I can hear our cat snoring underneath my chair.
I'm looking at the hallway.
It's completely primed now, and eagerly awaiting a coat of pretty paint.
I cannot wait to see what it's going to look like this time tomorrow night!


(If you missed the post about what "143" means, click here !)

And for more photos of transoms and all kinds of other gorgeous architectural details, visit Brooke at Velvet and Linen!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Handsome Transom

Photo Credit: MosbyBuildingArts.com

I've always loved the look of a transom window above a doorway.
Their ability to create the illusion of taller ceilings makes them so appealing. I also love the way they instantly create an easier, breezier vibe by allowing natural light to keep on, keepin' on.

Last night, while sitting on the couch, eating my supper, I had an idea.

Let's cut an opening above the door that leads from the living room to the hallway!

Kevin thought it sounded like a cool idea, so he literally walked away from his plate and immediately popped off the trim above the doorway so we could figure out the best way to start the project...

We could hardly fall asleep last night we were so excited about it!

Today after breakfast, he went to town on the wall above the doorway with our reciprocating saw...

The paneling came out very easily...

Next, he had to cut through the planks of wood on the other side of the wall...

No problem!

(It's hard to believe he didn't even know what a reciprocating saw was two years ago!)

Just look at all that sunshine pouring into the hallway now!

Next, he started to trim everything out, all nice and neat...

Here's what it looks like as of tonight...

Obviously we still need to caulk and paint, but I can already tell I'm going to love it- especially when the planks are painted in the hallway!

Tomorrow Kevin's agenda includes priming and painting the hallway, and finishing up the transom. The trim and ceiling will get painted white (which will help make that big vent disappear) and the walls will be an off-white color, like the ones in the Guest Bedroom. Since there's no windows in the hall, I want to keep it as fresh and light as possible color-wise. I also have plans for a large mirror, to reflect some of the light coming in from the Guest Bedroom.

Tip du jour: "Do one thing every day that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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