Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dresser - Done!

Hey there!
Kevin here.

Remember that $40 dresser we found at a flea market last year?

Well, it had obviously been left out in the rain (or been used as a boat at some point in time) because it had lots of water damage.

No biggie though- we were pretty positive a little primer and white paint would have it looking as good as new.


Turns out priming and painting it white actually made it look good as newBORN.

No joke.

It would've looked great in a baby girls room.

There was something about the curvy mirror being painted white that just didn't look rock n' roll thirtysomething enough.

We both still loved the clean-lined dresser part of it though, so we just took off the mirror and it was good to go!

(Don't worry- we saved the mirror for possible future use. Wink, wink.)

(Oh, and pay no attention to the wall color in the photo above. It's changin, 'cause you're pickin a new one for us next week!)


As for the distressed drawer fronts- my Mrs. did those.

I'm into them 'cause they look so rock n' roll weathered.

Basically, she just coated all four drawer fronts with primer.
Then, she coated two of them with "Weston Flax" (BM).
Then she coated all four of them with "Moonlight White" (BM).

Then she went berserk on them with our electric sander.

Oh, and the reason she put Weston Flax on the top left, and the middle drawer only was...

I actually have no idea.

But I'm sure it has something to do with making them look more rock n' roll authentically old.


We went round and round about what kind of hardware to put on this thing for a couple of weeks, but when we saw what Mary did to the bin pulls she gave us- we finally had our answer.

She took regular satin nickel pulls...

...coated them with a little primer and some Sea Salt (SW) colored paint...

...distressed them, and BOOM!

Mary only sent four pulls though, so I made a quick trip to True Value for a couple of knobs to use on the top two drawers...

Following Mary's lead, I covered them in primer...

...then painted on some Sea Salt.

Nothin' left to do but fill our drawers!

That came out wrong.


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Junkin' in Nashville with Rhoda and Kim!

A couple of years ago, I stumbled onto something called a "blog" written by this lovely lady...

I discovered one written by this gorgeous gal on the same day...

I remember feeling so inspired as I read through what they referred to as their "posts".

And I was extra-ecstatic to find out that they both lived just a little ways up I-65 from me! (Rhoda is in Birmingham and Kim is in Nashville.)

Fast forward to yesterday.
The three of us got together for a little fun at the Nashville Flea Market, so I thought I'd share some photos of the stuff we saw, here on the blog today.


I had PLANNED on shooting lots of video footage- but because I forgot to put a memory card in my new point-and-shoot camera (Kodak EasyShare M580 from Office Depot), I was only able to take a handful of pics...

Rhoda posted lots more photos of all the fabulous stuff we saw over at her blog though.
Here's a few that feature some of my favorite finds of the day...

I fell in love with so many things!

But since I'm on a MAJOR simplification kick, I really didn't plan on buying much.

I did find an irresistible, old ladder marked at $15 though- and I ended up snaggin' it for just ten bucks.

It just barely fit in my rental car...

We couldn't figure out how to get the back seats to fold down, so we had to get creative.

(And, yes, I did make a blonde joke as Rhoda and I struggled to wedge it into place.)

I was instantly drawn to it's boat-like shape...

And, of course, I dug the writing on the side of it...

And all the little metal bits too...

Not sure where it'll live yet.

Maybe in the guest bathroom, up against the wall as a towel rack. (?)

Who knows!

For now, it's hanging out in our dining room.

Along with our bed...


Ah, life in a fixer!


Interested in checking out the Nashville Flea Market?

Here's all the dirt...

• 625 Smith Avenue- Nashville, Tennessee
•Tennessee State Fairgrounds

Dates and Times:
•Fourth weekend of each month, except December
•December flea market is third weekend of the month
•December - February: Noon to 5 p.m. Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday
•March - November: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday

•Free admission
•Free parking on Friday
•$4 parking on Saturday and Sunday
•$35 overnight RV parking
•Service animals only



The winner of the Timeless Settings dishtowel giveaway is...

Full of Grace x 7!

Drop me a line at LaylaPalmer@aol.com to claim your pretty prize!


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Friday, August 27, 2010

Backlight Button Boo-Boo

Remember when we used our video camera to film that crazy car thing that happened the other night?

Well, we turned the "backlight" button on while we were filming and I forgot to turn it off before we shot the video for our last post!

This one will give you a better idea of the colors I blogged about...

As of today, we've decided to just narrow it down to three samples.

Sea Salt (SW), Blue Hubbard (SW) and Silver Sage (RH).

We're not really stressin' over the decision though.

All of the other walls in the bedroom (including the one that the bed will sit up against) will be clad in white-painted planks of wood, so it's just these two small walls that will have blue/green/gray-colored paint on them.

We're also not really that stressin' about it because we've decided to let YOU decide which one we should go with!

Sometime next week we'll post photos of all three colors (with some furniture and fabrics next to them), and then we'll put a poll in our sidebar so you can vote for whichever one you think we should choose.

And, who knows, maybe we'll continue with the whole "bedroom that bloggers built" theme and get you involved in some more design-related decisions along the way!

Lord knows we've got a lot of 'em to make, and decorating is definitely more fun with you in our lives!

Thank you!


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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Breakin out the brush. Again.

So, my Mom got us some great-looking bedding for our birthday's this year...

(Yes, we're 36 years old and we still get excited about birthday presents. Especially when they involve several pieces of our first, real grown up bedding emsemble.)

She got us the Grand Embroidered duvet (white, with Porcelain Blue stitching), and the Clearlake quilt and it's two coordinating standard shams. (all from Pottery Barn)

We already had the monogrammed Grand Embroidered boudoir pillow cover, and the two accent pillow covers- which by the way, also all came from Pottery Barn.


And if you follow us on Twitter, you already know about the Pottery Barn (Porcelain Blue) Matine Toile quilt and shams I won on eBay last week...

And if you read this post, you know that I was planning to use the color on this wall as my inspiration...

It's Benjamin Moore's "Wedgewood Gray".

So one day a couple of weeks ago, while I got my roots painted at the hair salon...

Kevin painted two of our bedroom walls to see how it would look.

But unfortunately, Wedgewood Gray ended up looking a little too Wedgewood BLUE.

In our room, it actually looks more like it does in this photo...

So I started having doubts.

And I started having discussions about re-painting...

And since it was sorta hard to see the actual colors on the video, here's a photo that shows a truer version of what's goin on...

See how good that soothing Sea Salt looks with those beautiful blankies!?

There is one more color I might get a sample of too though.
(Why not, right?)

It's called "Blue Hubbard", and it's made by Sherwin Williams.

Phoebe Howard says this about it...

"It's a grayish blue I've used many times. My clients are crazy for it. There's just enough green in it to keep it from being icy."

Sounds good to me!


Here are a few more pretty blue-greens I considered trying out...

Abbe from Studio Ten 25 used Sherwin Williams "Rainwashed"...

Gorgeous, huh?

But after seeing this photo of a Rainwashed-painted bathroom, I thought it might look too bright in our room during the day...

(Our master bedroom is the brightest room in the house.)


I also toyed with the idea of using Sherwin Williams "Quietude"...

Heather at Create H, used it in this awesome house...

...but I'm thinkin' it may be a little too "Wedgewood GREEN" for our room, if ya know what I mean.

(But what a BEAUTIFUL color it is though, huh?)


So I think it's gonna come down to either Sea Salt or Blue Hubbard...

It really just depends which looks better with Mr. Clearlake and his trusty sidekicks- Sham-a-lama and Ding-Dong...

Yes, I'm 36 years old and I create crazy names for my beautiful birthday bedding too.


If you want some more great blue-green inspiration, check out this post over at Design Esquire


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