Friday, August 27, 2010

Backlight Button Boo-Boo

Remember when we used our video camera to film that crazy car thing that happened the other night?

Well, we turned the "backlight" button on while we were filming and I forgot to turn it off before we shot the video for our last post!

This one will give you a better idea of the colors I blogged about...

As of today, we've decided to just narrow it down to three samples.

Sea Salt (SW), Blue Hubbard (SW) and Silver Sage (RH).

We're not really stressin' over the decision though.

All of the other walls in the bedroom (including the one that the bed will sit up against) will be clad in white-painted planks of wood, so it's just these two small walls that will have blue/green/gray-colored paint on them.

We're also not really that stressin' about it because we've decided to let YOU decide which one we should go with!

Sometime next week we'll post photos of all three colors (with some furniture and fabrics next to them), and then we'll put a poll in our sidebar so you can vote for whichever one you think we should choose.

And, who knows, maybe we'll continue with the whole "bedroom that bloggers built" theme and get you involved in some more design-related decisions along the way!

Lord knows we've got a lot of 'em to make, and decorating is definitely more fun with you in our lives!

Thank you!


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Anonymous said...


I'm really liking the sea salt color! So nice!

Good luck with whatever you decide!


P.S: That car video was the freakiest thing ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Two things...
I picked up a magazine (Cottage something) at Lowes yesterday and I was flipping through I fell in love with these rooms I was viewing...and low and was TLC!!!! I almost giggled I found it so very fun!

And TWO:
I have two different color suggestions, both SH that may fit your liking. I have two rooms in my home painted these colors, and I am about to paint my boys bedroom one as well. They are:
Aloof Grey
Halcyon Green (I think I spelled that right).
Anyway, check them out. You may be "inspired" or not:-)

Anonymous said...

Please check out Light French Grey by Behr. It's gorgeous! I have similar bedding (an older Pottery Barn in same color)

Melissa said...

I have painted 75% of my house in the benjamin moore version of silver sage, and I love it!!! It is such a nice color.

Joan said...

I painted my dining room at our old house in RH Silver Sage.... it was BEAUTIFUL!

Cindy Logan said...

I agree with Joan and Melissa. SILVER SAGE is an awesome color that somehow goes with a lot of things. I hope you pick it!

Julie @ Sweet Chaos said...

I just just just came back from Lowe's with my own gallon of "sea salt" and plan on painting my bedroom tonight. You better pick it too or I'll have second thoughts, lol!

Can't wait to see what you have in store for that room.

~Grace Happens~ said...

oh i love sea salt. the inside of our kitchen cabinets are painted that color. that's my choice for ya!

Anonymous said...

I said sea salt last post and I'm sticking to it!

Your Friend,

Debra @ Life in a 320 square foot home said...

Sea Salt! Sea Salt! Sea Salt!


Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...


Ally said...

Not to play psychologist, but I think you want sea salt. :0)

Unknown said...

I really love the Sea Salt color, and it would create a lovely flow throughout your home since you use it in so many other rooms. However, if you want something different in your bedroom, my second vote is the RH Silver Sage. Either color would be lovely to wake up to every day!

I feel your pain on choosing paint colors. I'm struggling with what color to paint my front door right now: green, black, green-black. :-)

Carriage House Antiques said...

So yesterday I said Sea Salt all the way!BUT.. that was before I knew Silver Sage was even in the running..well I have to say Silver Sage because that is by far my fav paint colour of the decade! It will change ever so slightly on you from blue to grey to grey green to green is a chameleon colour but by far the best choice!
Natalie (we spell color, colour here in the great white north LOL)

Shana said...

No need for a poll. I'll decide for you. Sea Salt it is. Wasn't that easy? ;)

Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

Silver Sage!

Nana said...

My daughter did her master bedroom room and little girls room in Silver Sage...very, very soft and soothing...

carol said...

Our beach house, first floor, is painted Sea Salt. I also like Comfort Gray -- which is on the same SW color card. It's a little deeper, and we have it in our bedroom. Good luck.

Natalie said...

Hi Layla! I have been a GREAT fan for a few months now but have yet to leave a comment! We just bought a new home, white walls all around and I've been trying to find the perfect color too. Funny enough the two colors I narrowed it down between were RH silver sage and sea salt. then i saw on your blog later that you love these colors too, so now i know i'm on the right track!!!! i think i might use your reading room stripes somewhere now that i know how great it looks with that color combo.

anyway--- since you already know sea salt so well, i wondered if you'd seen this blog with silver sage- seeing it here is what made me fall in love with it

when i tried on my walls at home though it turned out quite a bit darker than i'd hoped though so second choice- sea salt it is!

good luck, can't wait to see!


MilkMaid said...

Sea Salt. :)

Mz V said...

I must tell you that I am completely OVER Silver Sage. I painted my dining room and den that color more than 10 years ago; I've repainted since then, so I'm moving on from Silver Sage. It didn't have enough "pop" to almost seemed like it was a wimpy shade and didn't add any energy to the room. That probably sounds dumb, but it's the only description I can come up with as to why I didn't care for it. I am deeply in love currently with Sea Salt...painted my small rental house bathroom with it and it is a FABulous color!

Cheri said...

I pick Sea Salt! I have it in my laundry room and foyer...and LOVE IT!
In the long run, I think you will be happier with it! Good luck and happy painting!

Cheryl said...

I say go with the sea salt. It is a nice serene color and by looking at your bedding you will have plenty of other color in the room. Also the sea salt will allow you in the future to change out accessories and bedding without having to stress about painting the wall again. What color is your trim going to be in the room?

kansaswx said...

I love your blog and have become quite the fan, but as a quilter, I so wish you were using a REAL quilt instead of something made by a 12 year old girl in China who makes about 12 cents a day. You would be so much more impressed with a U.S. quilt lover-made quilt. I believe that lots of quilters follow your blog (that's how I found you) so one of us should make you a quilt and send it to you!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Just came across your blog and love it! You have a great eye!!

Anonymous said...

ooh! How fun!
I usually love the colors/designs you choose so I'm sure trying to pick between 3 GREAT colors could be a fun challenge!

Jennifer Werneth said...

so funny that you changed your mind about wedgewood gray because i previously picked it for my dining room and had my husband stop after a portion of one wall! i feel so much better about myself now!:) i love the choices you've given, and know that it will turn out beautifully. we did end up painting the room "wythe blue", also by benjamin moore, because it had a tad more green. it is absolutely beautiful up! would look fabo with your matine bedding, i think. happy painting...i love your blog!

Lili said...

From what I see on my screen, I would pick Blue Hubbard. Honestly, I dislike picking paint colors, too many choices.

Brandi said...

We have RH Silver Sage in our bedroom and I love it. BUT I tweaked the color a bit. When I took it to SW to match the color I asked them to only do 1/2 the value. In other words, put 1/2 the amount of color in the can. So it's lighter, but much better for our room.