Wednesday, August 11, 2010 Guest Post

I'm guest blogging over at the Live-Inspired site today.

It's one of my favorite places on the world wide web, and I just know you're gonna love it too.



And don't forget, if you're interesting in purchasing anything while you're over at Live-Inspired, all Lettered Cottage readers can take 10% off their total order from now through the end of this year.

When you're ready to check out online, there will be a place to enter the code...


(The box is on the same screen you enter your mailing address on, and the code should be entered exactly as I’ve typed it above.)

Make sure to check and see that the 10% discount has been applied before you make a payment.
(The discount will appear in red lettering on the payment screen).

If you're concerned that it doesn’t seem to be working, please feel free to give the sweet folks at Compendium a call at (800) 914-3327.
They will be happy to make sure it’s correct!


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Donna said...

What a neat idea...tin postcards! Makes a real impression for a special occasion! Thanks for a good go-to website!!

Stephanie said...

So... I just spent $27 on products and found out that there are 3 stores locally that carry their products! uh oh!
On the subject of "random acts of kindness" have you heard of "Operation Beautiful" Caitlin Boyle's blog, movement, and now book? It's so great and works in kind of the same way your tin can post card came in the mail!

Unknown said...

I just sent a tin postcard today. I stocked up a month ago when you posted the coupon code. I'm glad that I have a bunch. They have come in handy!

Tatum @ Tatum's Take said...

Hi Layla,

I stop by your blog time to time and I am a follower! I wanted to stop by to tell you that I read your post on Live Inspired and it was truly right on time. I'm a new blogger with only a few followers but I will certainly post about your post in hopes to lead someone else who needs inspiration your way. Please stop by my blog sometime! I get so excited on the rare occasion that I see a new name!

Thanks again!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Thanks for the reminder about the video. It is soooo inspiring and definitely deserves a second look and to be shared.

Barbara said...

I love that site -- It is just the right place to be when all you need is a little inspiration. Certainly was helpful to me after a tough couple of days.

Also stopping by blogs to show people the most amazing auction I've ever seen. Once you get past the first icky couple of pictures of flags, you'll see things that will make you want to catch the first flight into Denver this weekend, including a wishing well, small weather vane complete with rooster on the top and too many things to list. Wanna see the pictures? Here's the link: Amazing Auction


Anonymous said...


I enjoyed your guest post. Like you and Kevin, Thomas and I spent a long time lingering over the products. It was very similar to being in a book store together. I ended up saving over $10.00 using the discount code you provided, thank you very much.

Your Friend,

Karla@TheClassyWoman said...

I'm so glad that I saw this post today. The books are so inspiring! What a perfect gift for ANYONE! I'm already thinking about ordering the '5' and '1' books. I teared up a little bit for some reason while watching the videos of each book.

We never know how long we will be here, leaving a legacy is very important to me. I look at the past 7.5 months and realize there is so much more I could have accomplished. I want to change that. :)

Thanks for sharing this company and their products.

Leigh-Ann said...

I love, adore, heart, XO Live-Inspired!! The salon I used to go to had a gift store and I first discovered them there. The 5 Book video is amazing. I'm at a turning point in my life, out of the full-time work world for the first time and trying to figure out my next step and make it count. Your blog is inspiring. I've just ventured into blogging about the home renovations that my hubby and I are undertaking. Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers to you and Kevin!