Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our New/Old Dishwasher and a Magazine Shoot with Mom

Hey there!

Are you having a good weekend?
Hope so!

It's been relatively quiet around here this weekend
(more about that later this week),
but last weekend, on the other hand, was nothing short of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
(That's short for "chaotic".)

It started with a phone call to my Mom earlier in the week.


(Ring, ring)

"Hello?" (Mom)

"Hey Mom!" (Me)

"Hey- what's up?" (Mom)

"Are you still thinking about coming up here this weekend?" (please say yes, please say yes)

"Yeah, why?" (Mom)

Now, like any daughter that didn't want to scare her mother out of coming to her house would do, I decided it would be best to tell her the fun news about styling and shooting the house for Cottages and Bungalows magazine- instead of the exciting-yet-not-exactly-fun news about lifting a stainless steel dishwasher into, and out of, the back of a vehicle in 94 degree weather so that it could be in the shots of our kitchen.

"Well, I have to photograph the house for Cottages and Bungalows magazine, and it would be awesome if you could help me style everything. You're so good at that kind of stuff." (me, and a pat of butter)

"Oh. Okay. Yeah, that's fine." (Mom/Saint)

"Awesome, thanks!" (me, trying to figure out how I can at least sort of prepare her for "other" news)

"Oh! I almost forgot!" (me, after I figured out a way to prepare her for the other news)

"What?" (Mom)

"Well, ya know how we haven't had a dishwasher in a couple years?" (me)

"Yeah?" (Mom)

"One of our local readers offered to give us their previously-loved, stainless steel, GE Profile dishwasher! It's only a few years old, but they got a new one, and couldn't justify keeping the "old" one. Isn't that awesome!?" (me, hoping she just focuses on the awesomeness of the situation, and not on how the dishwasher will get from point A to point B.)

"That is pretty awesome." (Mom, smiling, and no doubt amazed that things like this can happen thanks to the internet.)

"I know. It's crazy." (me, just glad she didn't bring up the point A to point B thing.)


Well, long story short, Mom did come up last weekend.

And Mom did nervously drive up a really steep driveway in her PT Cruiser.

And Mom did do a 6-point turn at the top of the really steep driveway so that she could drive backwards up another driveway, so that the back of her PT Cruiser was facing the garage door of the sweet family with the previously-loved, stainless steel GE Profile dishwasher.

And Mom did lift the dishwasher into the back of her PT Cruiser (with the help of Mr. Previously-Loved Dishwasher) in 94 degree weather, while yours truly stood in the garage and told Mrs. Previously-Loved Dishwasher about all the disgusting things we found behind our old dishwasher when we moved it out of the house.
(Let's just say they begin with the letter "R", and rhyme with the word, "COACHES".)

(Note: I really didn't mean for my Mom to do all the stressful driving/heavy lifting. She's just such a go-getter, I tell ya! She has a way of just jumping in there before I even have a chance to stop her from go-getting. I really just wanted her to go with me to pick up the dishwasher. And I thought I was going to borrow a neighbors truck- so she wouldn't have to drive. I should've known Supermom would swoop in a save the day, as usual.)



Anywho- the dishwasher alcove in our kitchen has since been cleaned up, exterminated, and is home to a brand new (3-year-old) previously loved, stainless steel GE Profile dishwasher!


It's so pretty.
And SO quiet.
You can hardly even tell it's running!

As you can see from the photo above, we've still gotta get a stainless stove.
But for the first time in a long time, it actually feels like we're making some progress in the appliance department!

And speaking of the stove, my Mom made me unplug it.
Ya see, ever since we moved in, two and half years ago, the stove just randomly comes on by itself, all throughout the day and night.

And when I say, "comes on", I mean ON.
Like, full on "go ahead and throw the pork chops in cuz the oven is 350 degrees right now even though the knob is clearly in the OFF position".

The electrician that helped us install the new dishwasher also thought it was a good idea to unplug it when it wasn't being used.

So I unplugged it.

But now that's it unplugged, I kinda don't want to pull it back out just so I can plug it back in when I wanna cook something in/on it.
Ya know what I mean?

Pain. In. The bootie!

Needless to say, I've been eating a lot of raw fruits and veggies, and microwaveable food this past week.

As for the photo shoot- well, it was pretty sunny outside, and my Mom is the bomb stylist, so we got some great shots. She works with flowers on a daily basis, so her talent came in extra handy when it came to putting together flower arrangements for the rooms we shot.
I believe our house will be featured in the September issue of Cottages and Bungalows, and I'm especially excited about it because the photography and styling was a family affair this time. Every time I see the photos, I'll think about the crazy/fun weekend me and my Mom had preparing the rooms for their close ups!



And as if she hadn't already done enough- my Mom also surprised me and Kev with a few early birthday presents last weekend too. (We're both turning 36 in June- SHHHH!)


She hooked us up with the quilt, the duvet and one of the quilted shams.
I love how it all looks together!
The colors just make me feel happy!


Now I've just gotta get a bedskirt, three euro shams and inserts, and a bed to put it all on- and we'll be on our way to a real life, grown up person bedroom!
Woo hoo!


Need design help?
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Lisa said...

Can't wait to see it when you are "finished" with it! Just think, Layla you are really four years ahead of time in having a grown-up person room. YAY! You will be in before 40!

Annesphamily said...

Wow! You have an excellent blog! It is very clean and classy! I like that look!

I love the dishwasher story! It was great to know someone so generous! Plus having your mom help out! What a sweetheart!

Come join me soon! Happy Memorial Day! Anne

Marianne@Songbird said...

How wonderful to share your 'house stories' with your mom. Treasure her, she is a keeper!
Your kitchen is looking great! It is one of my favorite kitchens in blogland.

Kelsey said...

I loved this post! My mom is the same kind of can't stop her or slow her down! Bummer about the starts with "R" and rhymes with coaches...that would gross me out to no end! You guys are brave to live without a dishwasher for so long...yay for nice people in the blog world! Oh and that bedding is adorable! :)

Sandra said...

What a great find with the dishwasher, and it fits right in with your kitchen. And you know what? I didn't even notice the white stove until you mentioned it...

As for your mom? She rocks - and you can tell her I said so, too!. I share the same connection with my mom in the form of books, so I know what a treasure it is to have a mom who 'gets' you.


(the other) Sandra

Linda S. Socha said...


I must have missed some posts of a noteworthy number. I throught your kitchen was a darker color...What is the color

Catherine said...

Wow! Love it! so glad someone offered the dishwasher! Way to go, supermom! :)

Canadian Cottage said...

Hi Layla
How generous of your reader to give you their dishwasher, it looks perfect in it's new home. Congratulations on your magazine feature! Your Mom sounds like an amazing person. Have a great week

Angela said...

You guys ROCK! I wish I had the time, energy, hudspa (sp) that you two have. You are wonderfully creative and inventive and wish you all the best. stop by and see me sometime.

MommaHensCoop said...

That is amazing! Being featured in Cottages and Bungalows , that is. That would be my life long dream! I wish one day (I) too have the same oppurtunities that you have and have had. {cheezy but true}

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Yea for having a dishwasher! And a fabulous one at that! Sounds like a fun weekend with your the gifts she got you!
Have a great day!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Layla...your Mom sounds like the best! You may want to visit Knock Off Wood. She has some amazing PB knock off beds that you can build yourself for very, very little expense. With your and Kevin's mad carpentry skills, I know y'all could build an awesome bed to go with your awesome linens!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Here's the link to the plans...I could so see some of the neat farmhouse beds in your wonderful cottage. Scan down...there are a bunch further down the page. :-)

thimblecottage said...

Hey Layla ,Keep that stove unplugged! My daughter(Melissa of My Cottage Charm)turned her stove on and went outside while it preheated and came back the whole inside was on fire and burned the whole inside up. yep Lowes had to pay for that one. Be Safe!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Layla, you are so lucky to have received your dishwasher and your Mom was the sweetest to deliver it to you. How nice of her!! The kitchen looks great! And how exciting to be featured in the magazine this fall. I will sure get a copy. Love your new bedding. Susan had a great idea about Kevin building you a bed. I can see him doing that, for sure. Have a great day. Love & blessings from NC!

thimblecottage said...

By the Way ,Where was Kevin during the dishwasher escapade?

Blacksheep Bliss said...

I read this then looked to my husband with a glare and said I wanted a new dishwasher! Ours is so loud! If it's going you have to turn the TV up to hear it and every other word is "what?". It's about 10 or more years old so I guess I should be thankful that it's even running at all!

You have a great momma. Btw, my husband turns 36 in June, but he won't let me talk about it.haha.

Steph. said...

Layla girl that is so awesome!!!! The stainless looks great. Your mom is wonderful, too. Looking foward to seeing your real grown up bedroom soon. I am sure it will be like all your rooms.....unbelievable. :D

nameisgrace said...

Layla when does your CB issue come out? I'm so excited for you and know exactly what you went through!!! My kitchen is in the June issue, and i'm still on cloud 9!!!!! so fun to "share" this experience with you!!! xoxo congrats!!!

toocolorcrazy said...

Love your kitchen...what color is on the cabinets?

JoLynn said...

Not sure what happened to my comment?? Moms are the BEST, aren't they? They sure know how to make life a bit easier. :) How fun to do a photo shoot...can't wait to see it!

Just thought I'd tell you that we got our stainless steel appliances for a steal (hee-hee) at Best Buy. Our gas stove was a last year's model, so it was cheap ($550). We got our microwave to go above it on clearance too. We couldn't be happier with them. Don't know if you have a Best Buy near you or not, but just thought I'd let you know! :)


mrs.ruybalid said...

Everything looks wonderful. I look forward to seeing how the master bedroom turns out. My hubby and I are also working towards creating an adult bedroom also. Your reading room and guest room are my inspirations!

Anonymous said...

Okay, A. it sounds like you totally hit the Mom Jackpot! and
B. it sounds like you totally hit the Dishwasher Jackpot! Haha. Your kitchen is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Ok, as I read this post my radar for " a baby is coming" was totally going off DING DING DING!!!!! I could be totally wrong, but for some reason, I just feel it. Anyway, I just LOVE reading your blog, love your designs and ideas and simplicity. I too have a mom I adore and would do anything for me- they are such blessings aren't they? Thanks again for sharing !

Kim @ A Creative Spirit said...

AMAZING how nice your kitchen looks with a little shine from the new (previously loved) dishwasher. I enjoy your blog soooo much. Thanks for sharing your wonderful mom story. :o)

Country Contemporary said...

May I adopt your mother, please? Seriously, what a trouper she is! (You GO, Mom!) And how cool that you lucked into that neat new(ish) dishwasher. I feel the same way about "gently loved" appliances as I do about cars - they're always more fun (and less costly) when they have a few miles on them! Yes, you REALLY need to replace any range that turns itself on - yikes! I see a nice stainless one in your future...have you checked your local appliance stores and outlets lately (not to mention HD or Lowes)? You never know what you'll find unexpectedly...go for it!

Amber said...

Hi there, ive just recently stumbled upon your charming blog and now im absolutely hooked! im a fellow interior designer all the way from ireland and ive picked up so many useful helpful tips from all your fabulous creations and designs! i think you are both so charming and look like you have soooo much fun fixing up your beautiful home. Amber

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey girlie! :-)
I got really tickled when I read about your mom helping you pick up your dishwasher. You see, I also have a PT Cruiser and I could just see you two doing that....I can't believe you got a dishwasher in the back! I know the seats pull up, but a dishwasher!! wow! :) I'm impressed.
You are one lucky ducky to get a free stainless steel dishwasher..maybe someone will read your post and give you a matching stove! :) OH, as far as your other stove mom has one like it and hers goes crazy. She will turn it on to 350 and go out of the room and it will go to 500!! Hers was under warranty and they've put 5 or 6 new computer boards in it and it still does it. Shame on them for selling stoves that do that! I agree with your momma...keep it unplugged. :-) Raw veggies are good for you! LOL
Hope you had a great memorial day weekend!
Melissa :-D

LiveLikeYou said...

Moms are the BEST!

Mary Kay Andrews said...

Layla, great pix! Keep checking Craigslist for stainless steel appliances. Lots of times builders sell brand-new ones from model homes that have sold, for dirt cheap, and other times, homeowners sell 'em cheap too. See you at Tybee!

llhberry said...

Where did you find the shelf brackets (wood corbels) for the kitchen. Please do not tell me your talented husband whittled them up for you.
Would love to know.

geri said...

I saw a sign I loved one time.
it read..
A mother holds her childs hand a short time, but their hearts forever.
You are the best mother and daughter, and friends.
You are extremely lucky and so is your mom.
Love your story about Danny.
(That was my name for the first dishwasher I ever had. I was 50 and had raised 2 kids. Never to late though. hehe)
Enjoy. geri.

freckled laundry said...

Happy (early) Birthday to YOU! I love the colors in the early birthday presents from your mama. I'm sure your grown-up room will look fan-freaking-tabulous when it's finished. Can't wait to see it. What a blessing to have a dishwasher GIVEN to you.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Sounds like you and your mom had a lot of fun! Can't wait to see your home in another magazine. That is so great! Love your bedding colors! It all looks very calming and tranquil together.

Beautifully Inspired said...

OH how I long for a working dishwasher... And our stove decided it didn't like it's job anymore and quit on us back in October so I hear you on the broken appliances.


Linda said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful and I know from experience that the GE Profile dishwasher is one of the best on the market.

Maybe the craigslist/freecycle fairies will come up with a (fully functioning) stainless oven for you soon?

Jessabells said...

Aww, your mom rocks!!

Beth at the Barefoot Cottage said...

Layla, Where did your super mom find the bedding? It is so fabulous!

TheVirginiaHouse said...

Would your mom adopt me? Just kidding, my mom is great and if she lived close then I know she would always go that extra mile for me. Love the post!

Lisa B. said...


It would be so sad to see all your and Kevin's hard work literally go up in smoke!

It might be worth a call to a repairman.

Alison said...

Hi! I'm new to blogging and am your newest follower! :) I've been a subscriber for quite a while though and really enjoy reading your posts.

My hubby and I toured the 2010 HGTV Green Home and wrote a few posts about it. Thought you might be interested in seeing their take on a coastal New England cottage.


Courtney said...

LOVE the bedding you're going with.. I can tell already the room is going to look fantastic. The colors are so cheery!

Cindy said...

Layla, You do have a great mom! You are so very blessed. How nice that somebody would give you a GOOD used dishwasher. Good for you guys.

The Aros Family said...

Soo cool of your Mom to come help out and so sweet of your reader to give you guys the dishwasher! It looks fab in it's new home and the linens are too cute for words. I can't wait to see the "big girls" room when it's done.

As far as the stove...creepy! I'd keep it unpluged too and then roll it out on the back porch. lol

√Čireann said...

That is so great that your mom was able to help! It sounds like you had a terrific weekend, and your kitchen shows it! That dishwasher looks like it was always meant to be there!

Laura Lynn said...


That sound like the perfect time together! It reminds me of my mom and me. I miss her so much. I feel too young to have both parents gone.

My mom would've done the same for me and she would've tackled everything! I could ask her for the most obscure item and she'd say, "I've got that in the barn!" and she would have it. She was a cross between Martha Stewart and MacGyver, haha!
Cherish all your time. It makes life so sweet. Now I get to do things with my young daughters and it's so fun!

Laura Lynn

Lisa said...

I love reading your posts - I feel like I am talking to you in person! Your Mom is great - make sure you treasure her. Congrats on the photo spread - that's so fantastic! Can't wait to check it out...

ljgctn said...

I agree with Between Naps On The Porch..Kevin could whip up a bed in no time flat with the excellent plans that Ana has on Knock Off Wood.

Anonymous said...


Love the blog, and that bedding! I know some others have asked too...where did your mom get it?? I love it!

Anonymous said...


I commented on this post but don't see it here -- no doubt it is lost in space somewhere.

Only you could improve upon perfection. Your kitchen and dining room were already beautiful now they are stunning. How blessed that a 'new' matching dishwasher was gifted to you!

Love the bedding your wonderful mom gave you almost as much as the shell box I got from her!

Looking forward to seeing TLC in yet another magazine!

Your Friend,

Cara @ Whimsy Smitten said...

What are mothers for? ;)

Congrats on being featured in Cottages and Bungalows -- I love that mag and look forward to the September issue. Also looking forward to keeping tabs on your blog -- I just love your ideas!

I'm over at

Hope you enjoy your new/used dishwasher!

Gail said...

What a sweet mom you have! Your mom sounds like a real trooper. Ohhh...and I love your new dishwasher! So pretty! And the quiet worth it I'm sure. Especially with a house as open as yours, I'm sure you could hear a noisy washer from any part of the house when it's on! Ha!


Kira =] said...

I have a supermom, too! Aren't they the best? =]

Carrie said...

Love the new dishwasher! We'll have to buy a new stove soon...going to start looking on CL.

I'm going to ask the same question....where's that bedding from?!? I LOVE IT.

Crystal said...

I love this story and love that you are so creative in decorating your home.

By the way, where did your bedding come from? It would be perfect in my bedroom!