Thursday, June 19, 2008

T.G.I.T - Kitchens

Since I'm thinking about my Kitchen a lot right now, I thought I'd post some photos of three gorgeous ones I found while surfing the net.

I love the thickness of the porcelain sink in this first photo. And the olive green cabinets with chunky nickel pulls are perfection.

The double towel bar in this kitchen is one of the coolest things I have ever seen....if only I could have an island in my kitchen! :-(
And check out those quilted stainless steel refrigerator doors. Ooh la la!

And the blue door in this last photo confirms that I have a serious addiction to pantries that have screened doors on them. And lets not forget to mention the wood walls AND ceiling, the amazing porcelain sink, the chippy white painted bar stools, the transom window above the doorway, the moss-covered plant pot to the right of the sink and the tin pendant lights with their adorable scalloped edges. Luscious!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I'm lovin' your blog, Layla. I've had a great time reading through your posts tonight. Thanks! -Julia :-)

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Layla, these are great! I bet those pulls are not cheap! Funny you brought up the double towel rack... we have one in our shed but it's a bathroom rod. I thought it might be neat in the kitchen but then dissed the idea thinking everyone would think it looked stupid.. low and behold you show this great inspiration pic!! I just might try it after all.

Did you happen upon BJ's HOT kitchen posts recenlty? Some great kitchens posted there, this great kit with the screen door was featured there too. There are a few with green I think you'd like!

Marie said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm so glad you did so I could see yours. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen. The black cabinets are beautiful!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I love those green cabinets... I want to paint mine so bad... just scared to death to do it! Susie H~

Sheri @ said...

layla - your kitchen is beautiful. I love the black cabinets. Is it too much to ask how you did that? I've done my dining room table/chairs, but the sheen was too matte for my taste - i could never achieve the richness of a paste wax/furniture look - i'm obviously doing something wrong - but I digress - back to you - IT'S STUNNING. i love it. love the music too :D

Lettered Cottage said...

Your link got cut off! :-(
What's the rest of it?

I haven't seen her blog before, thanks for passing it on!


Lettered Cottage said...

Kitchen Cabinet Painting 101:

1. Remove doors and throw ugly hinges and hardware in the trash.
2. Lightly sand doors and cabinets (I did one group of cabinets a week, so it didn't interrupt our day-to-day life too much)
3. If your cabinets are too short, like ours were, add a 1x6 and some crown moulding to the top of the existing upper cabinets.
4. Prime doors and cabinets with one coat of "Behr Premium Plus Interior Base Flat Paint" It's a paint made especially for adhering to glossy surfaces, and has a mildew resistant finish. I had mine tinted gray. (Available at the Home Depot)
5. Paint (twice) with "Behr Premium Plus Kitchen & Bath Paint". Its engineered for high performance areas. It has a tough finish that's easy to clean. The finish is actually called "Sateen Lustre Enamel", which is more like the finish you'd get if you bought brand new painted cabinetry.
Make sure, if you use a brush, to be very conscious of your brush strokes. You may even want to try a sponge roller if you're worried about it.
6. Distress the cabinet door edges by sanding them with a fine-grit grade sandpaper, if that's the look you're after.
7. Paint on one coat of Satin-Finish Polyurethane.
8. Attach new hinges to doors
9. Attach doors to cabinets
10. Attach new hardware

Then all that's left is to enjoy your "new" kitchen! :-)

Anna Marie said...

I love, love, love that sink and those green cabinets. Definitely an inspiration for our remodel. Thanks! Will be back for more inspiration. God bless!!!
Anna at

SarahWhite said...

Great pics and great instructions for painting...thanks for asking Sheri! We have been putting off painting our kitchen cabinets...I'm thinking I may take it slow and do it bit by bit like you did.

Know any good whites? Paint color whites, that is.

Lettered Cottage said...

Hey Sarah!
Candice Olson loves Benjamin Moore's Cloud White (OC-130) and White Down (OC-131). I've also heard good things about their Dove White (INT. RM 90.0)
If you're after a creamier white, get a sample of Benjamin Moore's Acadia White (OC-38) or Sherwin Williams Creamy (SW 7012).
Also, I've heard numerous rave reviews about Farrow & Ball's White Tie. You can order a sample pot of it on their website: for $6.50, but I would take the sample to Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams to get a whole gallon mixed if you like it. Farrow & Ball charges around eighty dollars a gallon for the stuff! Ouch!
And for those of you on a really tight budget (like me!), keep in mind I got my paint mixed at the Home Depot...and I love it!

Ciao for now!

Kim @ Twice Remembered said...

LOVE that farm sink and the screen door! Oh so cottage!

Trixi said...

Hey, Layla, I was looking around getting ideas for my kitchen and googled upon this picture of the olive green cabinets. By any chance do you know where the pic. came from. I love those and would love to see more.


Kari Seekins said...

Could you let me know where I can
purchase the first ceiling fixture
you suggested in the stairwell
( Not the school House fixture!)

Lettered Cottage said...

Hi Kari!

Hudson Valley Semi Flush Mount - 9109. Available here:

It's on sale right now for $109 from $199!

Good luck!


Anonymous said...







Little Charmer said...

Layla I love your kitchen it's what I have been looking for well atleast it gave me the guts to actually paint my cabinets black. Luckily my hubby does lots of wood work and has taught me some so I am working on a design for my corbels. My problem with my cabinets thought they are too tall and you cannot fit anything up there but I have a plan in mind I am going to make them flush with the ceiling add some molding make it a little more balance. Anyways I wanted to thank you for your insiration. I love doing my project and finally have a little time to do them.


Anonymous said...

Love your black cabinets. I painted mine black a few years ago but never got around to the clear poly coat...big mistake. Its time to again w/ poly. I think I will also use the Kitchen and Bath paint..thanks for the tips. Love you blog.

Karren said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I actually just bought a house and am painting the cabinets black. I searched on ratemyspace for pictures and found yours! Bee U Tee FUL!

Can you tell me what paint you used on them - which black/brand.

You are a real talent and Im in awe! I have bookmarked your blog now!

Koekkener said...

It fits our needs perfectly. I can't say enough about T.G.I.T - Kitchens. Thank you so much for your help.