Friday, August 22, 2008

Technical Difficulties

First of all- THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my last couple of posts! You guys are so inspirational! I feel more motivated than ever!

Second, I have been having trouble uploading my video to the website. :-(
I chatted with someone from their technical support today, and she said she'd get back to me as soon as she finds out whether my video actually uploaded or not. So now I sit and wait. (Insert "Jeopardy" theme-song here)
I'll keep you posted on whether or not it makes it up on their site!



Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Oh, get it up's GREAT!

Blogger said...

Oh wow, good luck on this!!! That would be so awesome if you got on there!

I have something for you over at my blog:

I will have to edit my intro about you to include this exciting news though!

Good Luck!


Screaming Meme said...

Hey,cutie! I want to say good luck on that...I wanted to do that last year son and I went to my model home I designed and taped...It was so much fun! But I never mailed it...:(....I know that I can't devote the time to that in my life at this time...I had to think about the whole picture...not just what I wanted...So,I'll wait...But I'm cheering you on! I'm excited for you! I like your style and you are cute too boot! Good luck! I'll add you to my blog roll so I can pop in and see how you are doing! :) Oh,I want to invite you to my faux class...You probably know most of the tricks but you never know...You could learn something...I learn new tricks on here all the time! It's alot of fun! Bring your paint brush and a piece of furniture or decor and get to class! Screaming Meme

Stacy said...

Hmmm, keep trying! It just HAS to get on! Good luck!


Andrea said...

Good luck! Hopefully you hear soon and it is uploaded.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Whewwww! I know you cant wait. Im so exicited for you! Please keep us posted.. You know we are your biggest fan, smile!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You are soooooo gonna make it onto the show! :)