Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Just Beachy" and the Beach House and Chapel from "The Last Song"

We're home!

It was a whirlwind of a trip, and we had an absolute blast getting to know Tybee Island. And although this was more of a work trip for us than a vacation- it was definitely one of the most enjoyable "jobs" I've ever had the pleasure of "working" on!

It all started with an invitation from a sweet couple from Atlanta. We spent four of our seven days in their newly-renovated, two-story beach house, "Just Beachy".

(Exterior of Just Beachy)

From the perfectly manicured lawn to the beautifully decorated interior- this place was such a treat to call home for a few days.
Here are some of my favorite rooms...

On the ground floor, there are two bedrooms.
Each one has a coordinating bathroom, which the detail-oriented design nerd in me loved.

The blue room has a queen-sized bed...


...and a blue bath...


Check out the awesome old bathroom door...


The orange room has two twin beds...


Isn't the coordinating shower curtain great?


There's also a den on the first floor...


My nephew and his family came down from North Carolina to visit us for a few days, and having all this extra space worked out really great!

Just off the den, there's a great big screened in porch. I sat on that metal glider and watched cats stalk squirrels one morning...


(Don't worry, they didn't catch them- but it was entertaining to watch them wiggle their little booties and pounce!)

On the other side of the downstairs den, there's a laundry room. Kevin and I have a hard enough time forcing ourselves to do laundry at home, but for people who are into wearing clean clothes every day, I can see where this room would come in handy...

(Love that butcher block countertop!)

Upstairs, there are three more bedrooms, two more bathrooms, another den, a kitchen, and a dining room. We spent most of our time upstairs. Wait, scratch that. We spent most of our time running around the island shooting photos and videos of everything in sight, but when we were "at home", we definitely spent most of our time right here...

(Upstairs Den)

The natural light that floods this area of the house is incredible.
It made me feel so alive!
Next time we visit, I'm gonna sling open all the doors and snack on cheese and wine while I paint something colorful to remind me of the way that place made me feel forever. It was so inspiring!
Just Beachy has two brand new, ginormous flat screen TV's (and another smaller one in the master bedroom)- but I could've gone without turning either one of them on the whole time we stayed there.
It's that kind of place.
Simply magical.

The upstairs bedrooms are just down the hall from the living areas.


Here are a couple photos of the pretty Master Bedroom and Bath...





We ate supper at restaurants and friends houses most of the trip, but we did cook at Just Beachy one night. They've got a brand new grill and we were happy to break it in for them...

(Steaks from the IGA grocery store a few blocks up the street)

One of my favorite parts of the trip was riding bike.
There are three adult bikes at Just Beachy, and I called dibs on the yellow one the second I saw it.
It was love at first sight.


I rode that thing all over the island while we stayed there.
It had the most comfortable seat, and if I lived on Tybee, I'd probably never drive a car again!

The traffic was a little heavier than normal while we were there (because of Spring Break), but on Tybee pedestrians have the right of way, and riding around town on that bicycle made getting from one place to another a breeze.

Shortly after we arrived at Just Beachy, I took the bike out for a quick ride around the neighborhood and I was so surprised to find the chapel from the movie "The Last Song" sitting just two blocks down the street from it.


They only shot the left side of the chapel in the movie...

Photobucket they didn't even have to finish siding the right side...

(white painted plywood covers most of the right side)

My new friend Jane called her friend Stacye (who now owns the chapel) and she and her husband took us inside...


Because it's a movie set, and not a real chapel, it's not wired for electricity and it doesn't have running water- but Stayce and her husband are going to move it to another location soon and renovate it so that it can be used as a real chapel in the future.

The $35,000 stained glass window they used at the back of the church in the movie was removed by Disney once shooting wrapped, and the hole it once filled is now covered with plywood- but Stayce and her husband plan to replace it with something beautiful once the chapel is moved to its permanent location.


She showed me the blueprints of what they have planned, and man-oh-man is it going to be spectacular. The perfect location for anyone looking for an enchanted little chapel to get married in.



They were able to salvage a bunch of the pews they used in the movie, but there are still some that need to be refinished...


Stacye said they'll be good as new once they're done with them!

For more information about the chapel, you can visit Stayce's website: The Chapel on Tybee Island or her Facebook page.


Jane also took us by the house from "The Last Song" (it's also just a few blocks down the road)...

We didn't see the inside of the house, but it was fun to kick it paparazzi-style and shoot video and photos of the exterior...



(If you haven't seen the movie yet- you should definitely check it out. Great story, great scenery- you'll dig it.)


Before we left the island yesterday, we ate breakfast at a place called "Sugar Shack"...




It was excellent and we loved it.
I had a ham and cheese croissant, and the ham must have been honey-baked because it was so sweet and delicious. I think they must have dipped the inside of each half of my croissant in egg before they threw it on the grill too. Mmmmm! I'm going to have to give that a try sometime!

Kevin enjoyed pancakes, a side of bacon and a tall glass of O.J...


(The "bus bird" cleaning the table next to ours)


While I get caught up on some design work today, Kevin is busy proofing the photos we took of some of the cottages Jane has renovated. I look forward to blogging about the time we spent with her, and her awesome handiwork , later this week. It was very easy to see why her designs have been featured on HGTV and in almost every magazine under the sun!

(Coastal Living- June 2009)


Happy Wednesday!

PS- Just Beachy sleeps up to 10 people, so if you're looking for a nice, big place to get away to- you can find more information about the house here:

(Me and the Sea in front of the house from "The Last Song")


Check out my e-book!


Ashley Schott said...

Gorgeous photographs! What a beautiful vacation:)

Samantha2818 said...

Wow - the house you stayed at was gorgeous. I love how simple but put together everything looked. It's my idea of the perfect holiday rental. The island looks gorgeous too. Since you mentioned Jane Coslick I've been looking at her work and realised that I had already saved loads of her photos but not known the source. Her style is just gorgeous and I love how she often uses just a little bit of turqoise or sea green to lift a neutral colour scheme.
Thanks for all your inspiration!

1 Funky Woman said...

The island sounds beautiful. And the house you stayed in was so amazing. I loved the orange bedroom and the orange shower curtain.
I love Jane's style and colors she uses!

Sharon Brown said...

That beach house seems to be the perfect combination of being stylishly decorated yet having a welcoming feeling. The chapel is so beautiful inside!

My Cottage Charm said...

Wow...just wow! I NEED to put my toes in the sand amazing is that island!! I'm in love! :)
I'm soooooo glad you had a good time!
I am going to send your postcard out tomorrow....I was waiting for you to get back home so it didn't sit all lonely in your mailbox all week long. :)

Tenille Gates said...

I love the 'pops' of color in Just Beachy...absolutely gorgeous! Looks like you had a fabulous little vacay!

Anonymous said...


Welcome home! Great photographs of a magical place by the sea.


The Little Red Shop said...

How, I've got to run and get the load out of the dryer!

: )

Julie M.

Katy said...

Oh WOW!! I almost felt like i was there with all of the great pictures and descriptions. I love everything about the entire post, such soothing colors. That chapel is wonderful, the beams are fabulous ..I really love old churches. :)

Sara said...

I love Tybee! I'm almost a little sad that you are doing these posts because more people will fall in love with the island. One of the reasons I love it is because it is quiet and not crowded. Isn't bike riding the best there?

Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

That house looked wonderful. So fresh and clean with just the right 'pop's' of colour. So thoughtful yet relaxed. You must have been in heaven!
The Painted Hive

The Brick Cottage said...

Ahh, I would never leave if I lived there! Just Beach is just fabulous! Each room is just as beautiful as the next. I am adding Tybee Island to my future vacation's list for sure!

Julianna Farmer said...

So glad you're back. This long between new posts is causing me withdrawls!

Cheryl said...

Loved every room of Just Beachy you shared with us. How special for you all to stay there while working. Love all the light that floods in to the beachouse.
That chapel is so sweet. Would love to renew our vows in a chapel like that.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Jennifer Aspenson said...

What a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy life. My favorite part was your bike charming! :)

Dorm Bedding said...

Such a wonderful home - love how light flows through the entire space :)

Unknown said...

Looks like a beautiful place, how lucky are you guys that your job is visiting gorgeous homes!!

Kelly said...

I can't say enough how much I love "Just Beachy" and how it is decorated!!! I loooooove it. What a relaxing, beautiful space!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Looks like the perfect spot for relaxing with family! I love that last photo of you too- very creative.

Seagrass Interiors said...

HEAVENLY!! I wouldn't want to leave!!!


Renee said...

We didn't eat at the Sugar Shack when we were there but I did take a picture of it to taunt my sister with. (She worked at a bakery called the Sugar Shack in high school and it killed her love of doughnuts.)

Amber said...

Hi Layla!

What an enchanting trip. I bet that beach house was like a refresher for you, nice and breezy and relaxing! Your photos are superb, as usual, and I must proudly say I'm now a dedicated reader of your blog!

I'm living in Scotland with my husband for a one-year exchange program, though we're originally from Texas. We have four months left on our journey before we return back home for good. I've been so inspired by your blog and can't wait to return and revive our home with new decoration ideas!

I've actually been on the lookout for unique teacups and vases to spray paint at the "charity" shops here. You've taught me to look at things for more than just their face value. ;)

Keep up all the good work, and know your fan base keeps up with you... all around the world!

Amber Bell

lisaroy said...

What a great place! that house is amazing - love the freshness of it, and the chapel is charming. : )

jenny said...

that looks like more fun than a person should be able to have!! i love the house interiors of just beachy! mmhm!

Cottage Dreamers said...

Wouldn't it be something to live in that house! It's so pretty, I'd have a hard time leaving it!
I love that kitchen Jane designed. It's a look I'd like to go for in my own kitchen. We just finished getting our blue 1950's oven up and running but I'm not sure what we'll do for the fridge. The new "old style" ones are out of my price range and the old ones are just too small (and pretty pricey too!)
I look forward to reading more about Jane and her cottages.
☺ Celeste

Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

Wow! I feel like I've been on a Just Beachy vaca just looking at the photos. (And how cute are you on that yellow bike?)

Everything Coastal said...

Fabulous! Love the house, love the colors and the fresh, clean, breezy look. Tybee is on my short list of places to visit as soon as it's possible. Looks like you all had quite the adventure! Glad to have found your blog -


Anonymous said...

I love how the Just Beachy laundry room doesn't look like a laundry room.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

What fun you had, girlie! It's been ages since I've been to Savannah and Tybee Island, but I love that part of GA. That house is incredible for sure! What fun to hang out with Jane, I'd love to meet her too.

Jamie said...

LOVED this entry SO much. I sent it to my husband so we can use it for inspiration when we decorate our new master bedroom. Thanks for the great photographs!

Nancy said...

Fabulous post. I have one question though. You must have a MUCH older sibling in order to have a nephew with a family!

Michele said...

The Sugar Shack is excellent! My husband and I ate ice cream there several times after trips to the beach last summer!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

This all looks like so much fun! Love the house you stayed in. And I can't believe you got to stay in Paula Deen's guest room and meet Jane Coslick and tour the chapel, etc, etc. Wow. What a week you had! Thanks for taking us along for the ride. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the beach house! I'm trying to twist my hubby's arm into booking our summer vacay there asap. My sister got me reading The Last Song and now with the images of this gorgeous location in my head, I am desperate for his go-ahead. Any chance Lettered Cottage readers get a discount when booking the Beachy House?! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the beach house! I'm trying to twist my hubby's arm into booking our summer vacay there asap. My sister got me reading The Last Song and now with the images of this gorgeous location in my head, I am desperate for his go-ahead. Any chance Lettered Cottage readers get a discount when booking the Beachy House?! :)

geri said...

You have definately fixed my beach withdrawls with your great stories and pictures.
Just Beachy is Just Devine.
Very much like your home.
Welcome Home. geri.

gretchen said...

lots of great ideas in that amazing beach house - thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos!

angela | the painted house said...

What a charming beach house! Sounds like you both had a fun, full week. I would love to live somewhere where I traveled by bicycle. With a basket. And a bell to ring. Just because. :)

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I have never been to Tybee, but have been in the area. So beautiful down there. What an amazing house you got to stay at. I know you and Kevin had a wonderful time. I can't wait to see the movie, The Last Song. Enjoyed all your pictures. Love & blessings from NC!

Unknown said...

Every shot looked so fresh, clean and crisp. Refreshing to the mind.

Thanks for sharing.


Bohemian chic said...

Magical. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I have the orange Pottery Barn set in my bedroom that I love-it looks good, but it is also so crisp and comfy to sleep in! Love the whole house decor!

Amanda said...

"wow" is a serious understatement. "just beachy" is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring to me even just from the few photos you shared. those white curtains in every room look just like ones i have from ikea and will now be going in the guest and little mans room here at our home. iff money grew on trees i'd be running out for "just beachy" inspired decor to fill our home with right now! thank you so much for sharing. and, p.s. that photo of "you and the sea", stunning. :)

Melissa Marie Head said...

Makes me want a vacation there pronto! Looks lovely. I can't wait to see The Last Song.

Star @ A Load Of Craft said...

I gave you the Sunshine Award on my blog today - thanks so much for inspiring me!

Seizing My Day said... I need to see the movie!! ;) Lovely photos... lovely beach... I love all the white walls with color splashed everywhere! simple. beautiful!

carolyn said...

Layla- Your pix at the Sugar Shack are fabulous!! Not that the others aren't to die for too.

Glad your trip was such a success. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into all the wonderful-ness that is Tybee.