Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happiness, check!

The weather is so perfect here in Alabama around this time of year. Some days, we don't even run the air conditioner- we simply pull up all the windows and let the breeze dance it's way through the house. I love open windows. Smelling fresh cut grass, and hearing the sound of the church bells ringing just beyond the trees out back...pure heaven.

My foot seems to be healing fine today too. It's definitely still sore, but the nail didn't go in as deep as I previously reported and it wasn't rusty, so I don't think I need to go get a tetanus shot. I'm monitoring it very closely though, and the second I feel even a little bit funny, I promise to go get it checked out.

For those who have asked about Fleamarket the kitty, well, he now calls the cottage next door home. Jessica's boyfriend has miraculously decided that he does like cats after all, so he is warm and safe inside the Half Note now. I was very sad to see him go, but I am happy that he's not living outside anymore.
Especially since I almost stepped on a gigantic raccoon the last time I went outside to feed him.
It was the strangest sensation.
Almost like my brain refused to believe that I was standing right next to, and over top of, a wild animal.
The raccoon must have been going through the same thing I was because it looked up at me with the same, "whoa! what the?" type expression I surely had on my face. After the initial shock went away, and we were both no longer paralyzed in fear, it scurried down the stairs and I quickly pushed the door back open and stepped inside the house. When he got to the bottom of the steps and noticed that I had stepped back into the house, he just stared at me through the glass panes on the upper half of the door. I knew exactly what he was thinking, "I really want to eat that kitty food, maybe if I wait a minute she'll go away". After a few seconds of debating, and an intense staring contest with me, (who was now beating on the door with my fist and yelling "get out of here! go! go!") he (thankfully) chose to bound back into the woods from which he came.
From that night on I sat with Fleamarket everytime he ate, and brought his bowl inside everytime he was finished eating.
Now I know who has been ripping apart our garbage bags!

It's also really good to have Kevin home. We had a great belly laugh today thinking about a belly laugh we had a few months ago. :-)

Happiness, check!



The Momma said...

Fleamarket has to be the cutest little thing EVER! He's about the size of my full grown dog Tequila. :)

Glad you had a good laugh with your husband. Mine works out of town Sun-Thursday and we've started to really apretiate the belly laughs we get to have together on the weekends! :)

Great post!

TanyaLea said...

Belly laughs are great for the soul!! :)

And so glad FleaMarket found a good home. Raccoons are just the biggest scavengers...and they don't have nearly as much 'fear' of humans as they should! Glad you scared him back to the woods!! :)

Have a "happiness" filled night!


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I'm so gald to read that your foot is healing and feeling a bit better. I would have been scared to walk into a room and find a raccoon. I have heard they can be mean, I think I would have frecked-out. I enjoyed your post very much.
Take care and enjoy your cool breezey days,

Pony Girl said...

Hee, I was laughing at your raccoon encounter! Several years ago, while in my mid-twenties, I camping with friends. I heard a noise in our campsite after we'd gone to bed. I was terrified it was a bear so I turned on a flashlight through the tent screen, pointing towards the picnic table area where I heard the noise- right into the eyes of a huge raccoon on the picnic table, trying to get into a bag of Oreos (which we stupidly left out!) I started yelling at him and I swear he stared me down for 20 seconds, then grabbed that bag of cookies and took them with him as he jumped off the table, running off for the woods! Where he proceeded to get into fight with his raccoon buddies over the cookies! :)
I'm glad your foot is better and that Fleamarket is your next door neighbor. And that Mr. LC is back home!

The Tattered Cottage said...

Our weather is still a little hot, but I am anxiously awaiting Fall :)
Love the raccoon story, we actually had one as a pet when I was younger. There were 5 orphaned baby coons and our family took one in, we named him Rocky:)

Anonymous said...

I know I'm not your mama or your boss, but I have to tell you that you really should get a tetanus shot.

Tetanus isn't really caused by stepping on a rusty nail, but is rather associated with rusty nails because rusty nails are often found outside or in places that harbor the bacteria that causes tetanus. Also, the puncture of the nail gives the bacteria an entry into your body. Puncture wounds make ideal breeding grounds because of their low-oxygen environment.

I only know so much about tetanus because my mom, a nurse, stepped on a rusty nail at my house, also an old fixer-upper, and I freaked out way more than she did. She actually drove herself to the hospital where she works with a shoe-full of blood, got the tetanus shot and then came back to work some more. She insisted that no one take a break and go with her.

Anyway, just my .02....I think it's always better to be safe than sorry and would hate for you to end up sick and unable to post home updates on your blog :)

Grace said...

I am addicted to the Lettered Cottage. I've found so many good ideas here, and love so many of the blogs that you like as well. Your posts are inspirational, and I can't wait to read more!

nameisgrace said...

aren't belly laughs the best!!! you two are so cute.

My name is PJ. said...

Glad Fleamarket is settled! Yay! Love the shot of Kevin preparing for William Tell.

The Country Nest said...

What a nice post to wake up to. Spreads the happiness......
I am glad Fleamarket has a home, he is such a cuteie.
Have a great day!

Kelly B said...

I am glad to hear your Love is home with you. I hate it when my husband has to be gone for a while. Scary about the raccoon. They are so cute, but can be really vicious!! It must be cooler down there because it was in the lower 90's yesterday and should be in the upper 80's today. The mornings are perfect though. Just a little cool and totally refreshing. I think the hot part of the summer is done. When the mornings are cool I know that fall is just around the corner.... which is my favorite time of you. I am glad that Fleamarket was able to find a home next door. Now you can still pet him and see him. The best kind of pet is the kind you don't have to feed... just love!! ;0)

Bonnie said...

I have been reading blog for about 6 months now and I love it! I have also not commented before, but feel that I should now. I am not a doctor, but am married to one and have learned a few things over 27 years of marriage to one. So, here comes the unsolicited advice: Go and get a tetanus shot! You will not have a warning with tetanus. If you have it, there is no cure or help for it. Since you work a lot around building supplies anyway, why not go ahead and get it and be protected for the future? Just call up your doctor and ask and I am sure that they will advise you to get the shot as well. Just saying!

Lumo said...

Great looking blog, love the ideas found here. Thanks for sharing.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I'm so glad you can spend some time with your MR.LC. It's good to have a belly laugh from time to time..laughter is good for the soul~

Farmgirl Paints said...

I love a good laugh. They don't come quite as often as I'd like. Your husband looks like a fun person to hang out with. Have a great day:)

Leslie said...

Glad Fleamarket has a home and is safe from the raccoon!! Yikes!! We had one get into our attic, by ripping off the METAL cover over our attic fan!! (He was huge!!)

That photo of your hubby made me LOL. He looks like a human cupcake!!

C said...

Haha! I love that picture of your hubby! Hilarious!!

KARA from MADE 2 CREATE said...

Oh man, just reading your description of the open windows and fresh cut grass makes me swoon with envy. A little slice of Heaven for sure!!!!

geri said...

I love how sensitive and funny you are.
You and your Mr. are very special couple. It's the most important part of a marriage to be friends and laugh together.
I am lucky too.
Glenn and I got marrried at 20, had two babies by the time I was 23 and have been together through great times and not so great times for 35 years. We have a grandbaby and love fixing our 1879 farm house. Life is good. hehe
I so LOVE reading and seeing pics on your blog every day. Thank you.

Joy Beadworks said...

Happiness is a great Base to Build a Life On.

Diva Kreszl said...

So happy for could anyone not love kitties???

the lady of the house said...

How nice to have Fleamarket as a next door neighbor... The racoon story was Scary! & so glad you two are laughing around... very important :) That pic of Mr. LC is priceless...

Carol in Indian Springs Village said...

I was just thinking about Fleamarket and am glad to see he has a home now. He is so cute...all ears! I live just south of B'ham and the weather next week is going to be beautiful so I'm taking a few days off to open up the house and enjoy it. Love your blog!

Terri said...

You had better go and see about that nail puncture. Puncture wounds are the most dangerous ones because the skin closes back over and creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. My hubbie stepped on a nail years ago and cleaned it well with peroxide. We ended up in the ER with him in excruciating pain hours later. One surgery and many many days of IV antibiotics later, his foot healed properly. I had NO IDEA that could happen as a result of a puncture wound!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Do we live in the same state of Alabama?... It is air conditioners on at my house!
I love your human cupcake :-)

JamaGenie said...

The smell of fresh cut grass wafting in an open window - heavenly!

You were lucky that raccoon didn't attack. They can be quite vicious, especially to who ever is between them and food when they're hungry.