Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sponsor Shout Out #2

Today we'd like to thank the rest of our radical sponsors!
They're a great group of folks, and they're blogs/products are a huge source of inspiration me and Kevin.
We invite you to give them a visit if you see something that tickles your fancy too!

First up- Stanley from Disc Hangers!

If you want to display pretty plates on your walls, Stanley is the man to see about hanging them in style! I got a whole bunch of them last year, and couldn't wait to hang up the plates I had been collecting...

Disc Hangers are so easy to use, and are completely "invisible", so they don't take away from the things you want to display. Awesome!

PS- They are also 100% safe to use on antique and collectible plates as well! Too cool!


Lisa Leonard from Lisa Leonard Designs

Lisa creates beautiful, simple, meaningful pieces that can be worn with jeans or your little black dress. Her custom jewelry can be hand-stamped with your kids’ names or a special phrase or verse. These are two of my favorites pieces:

(Sweetheart Tree Necklace)

(From Up Here Necklace)

Lisa also makes awesome pieces for men...

Can't you just see one of these with "My Wife Rocks" or "I Love My Wife" on it? :-)


Dee from Red Letter Words

Dee's faith-inspired art is both beautiful and meaningful. You'll find everything from canvases, to prints, to greeting cards at Red Letter Words.

I love this cheerful, new piece she recently added to her gallery...

Such a fun and friendly reminder!


Lori from White Flower Farmhouse

Lori believes that simple, country style should be inspired not expensive. So she scours estates, farmhouses, barns and shipyards for antique relics and cast off gems that reflect her signature simple, country aesthetic.

Lori helped us deck out our mantle this past Christmas with a bunch of treaures from her shop...

And I'm still lovin' these vintage movie theater marquee letters I bought from her last year...

I also got a soap-on-a-rope from her recently, and can't wait to use it as an accessory in our guest bathroom!

If you've never visited White Flower Farmhouse, and plan on heading over there today, I must warn you- you are going to want to buy every. single. thing. :-)


Kristi from Just Simply Southern

Kristi is a stay-at-home Mom, living in South Texas, who loves all things decorating and design. She creates these delightful distressed frames, complete with magnetic button for displaying your most treasured pics...

She sells them in her Etsy shop, which you can find HERE!

(And if you want to check out her fantastic blog, click HERE!)


Kat from EngLady

Kat beautiful and versatile pieces can be worn at the office, or at an elegant affair. Each piece is crafted of quality metals and hand-selected stones. She designs jewelry as a creative and joyful escape and hopes to impart some of that bliss to those who wear her pieces as well. Here are some of my favorites...

But this one, I got from her last month, is my ultimate fav! (Thanks again Kat!)


Maya from Completely Coastal

At Completely Coastal you find selected nautical and beach-themed products for the home, including handmade decor by artists and artisans, posters, prints, books. You can also browse beautiful interiors, get inspired by great craft project edeas, read about movies, and on occasion, see photos and read about Maya's own coastal home located in Rhode Island!

Maya recently blogged about the "Nights in Rodanthe" house... on the photo to read all about it!


Sarah from A Beach Cottage

Sarah blogs about fixing up and decorating her wonderful old cottage by the sea. She's all about low-dough decorating, and her motto is: "if it doesn't move, paint it white"! You will love her blog and hearing how she describes her casual lifestyle by the sea.

If you haven't been there already, you must swing by her place today, and don't forget to check out the rest of her AWESOME before and afters while you're there!


In other news, we picked up a great new...well, actually old, super inexpensive mirror for the guest bathroom this past week. Here's a sneak peek...

It cleaned up beautifully, and I can't wait to shoot some updated shots of the room with it hanging in place!

And we also brought home something else I'm really excited about too...

Looking forward to blogging about this great old guy next week! :-)


nameisgrace said...

I love those disc hangers. They've made hanging all my plates so easy. I'll definitely be back for more:)

DustyLu Interiors said...

I love those disc hangers! I bought them when I saw them on your site! Thanks for the hook up, i will never hang my plates the other way again..lulu

Melissa said...

Can't wait to see what you're going to do with the old dresser! :) I love all things just can't get the same feeling with new the old patina on well worn pieces. :)

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

My Nana put me onto these years ago. They are really fantastic.

duchess said...

You have the best sponsors. It'll take me the rest of the day to browse around their beautiful sites. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Anonymous said...


I have visited quite a few of your sponsors this week. My UPS man is going to have a sore back!

Looking forward to seeing your newest additions take their place in The Lettered Cottage!


glg said...

just finished a dresser/chest of drawers like the one you picked up. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.

geri said...

I love your sponsors Layla.
I especially love Sarah's motto,"if it's not moving paint it white."
She may be my long lost sister.
My hubby gets a titch nervous when he falls asleep.
The dresser has your name all over it.Love it.
Too fun waiting to see what you do and where it goes.
Have a beautiful Sunday.geri.

Low Tide High Style said...

Those disc hangers are ingenious! I love all of the sponsors you have listed and will have to check out some I'm just learning about!

I'm a huge fan of Completely Coastal and of course White Flower them both! Sarah at A Beach Cottage never fails to deliver!

Kat :)

Invited In said...

Can't wait to see what you come with for the old dresser! I am sure it will be beautiful.
I have a question for you....totally unrelated to your post. I am wanting to purchase interior design software for manipulating digital photos for redesigning rooms. What kind of software do you use?
Have a blessed Sunday:)

LesleySW said...

Love, love, love Lisa Leonard Designs!

And of course, I love everything Red Letter Words sells.

In fact, I'm doing a giveaway with the shop on Monday!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Ok....I think my heart just stopped when I saw your last picture...oh my word! What a pretty piece! Cant wait to see what you do with it ;)

carolyn said...

oh, that dresser....wonderful!!

can't wait to see what you do & how fantastic it looks in your space.

hope you're well!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Very excited to see how you fix up the old dresser!