Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coastal Living Idea House 2008

Living Room-


Dining Room-

Master Bedroom-

Bunk Room-


Chris Kauffman said...

that was the best way to start my day , ah a beach house , we are dealing with really cold weather here even some snow which is way to early even for these parts.
thanks for sharing,

Sunny said...

Didn't have time to complete the videos...trying to sneak in some blogging before getting ready for work! eek! Fave things so far: love the doors in the living room that flank the wall opening and the rusted metal above them, love the tin backsplash in the kitchen, and love the dresser in the master (that's the color I would love to do on my kitchen cabinets!).

Dianne said...

That cottage is amazing. I live in N.C. and was lucky enough to have my art displayed in the Coastal Living Idea House last year. They do such a wonderful job. The homes are swoon worthy...even better in person!

The Steel Magnolia House said...

Hi Layla!
Love, love, love your blog!!! I read it daily. And really love anything from Coastal Living - thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, I've seen it before but it just gets better!


Suzann said...

Thank you for sharing this. I am loving these videos. I've already seen a couple of things I've already planned on in my house, but I've also found a few more.

Lisa said...

That home is gorgeous!

I gave you a shout out on my blog today...thanks so much for helping me with my paint colors!

Rue said...

Hi Layla :)

I just found you through Lisa ( Take90West). I wanted you to know that I just glanced through a few of your posts, but I'm already loving your blog :)

The post about the letters in the tray ceiling.... brilliant!