Monday, April 6, 2009

Q: What kind of camera do you have?

We have a Canon 30D.

Q: What kind of video editing software do you use?

Sony Vegas.

Q: What software do you use to do your Photo Consultations?

Adobe Photoshop.

Q: What software do you use to do your Virtual Consultations?

I use Plan 3D to get them started, and then use Adobe Photoshop to finish them.

Q: What was your experience like with the Sheffield School of Interior Design?

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Q: How did you re-do your kitchen cabinets?

1. Remove the cabinet doors.

2. Lightly sand the doors and cabinets.

3. If your cabinets are too short, like ours were, add a 1x6 and some crown molding to the top of the existing upper cabinets.

Here's a post that shows how to do that.

4. Prime the doors and cabinets with one coat of "Behr Premium Plus Interior Base Flat Primer" It's specially engineered for adhering to glossy surfaces, and has a mildew resistant finish. We used gray-tined primer on the base cabinets, and white Kilz primer on the upper cabinets. (Both are available at the Home Depot.)

5. Paint the doors and cabinets (twice) with "Behr Premium Plus Kitchen & Bath Paint". We used Martha Stewart's "Mourning Dove" (mixed at Sherwin Williams) on the base cabinets and Sherwin Williams "Alabaster" on the upper cabinets. We'd used a satin finish.

(Tip: If you use a brush, be very conscious of creating long, smooth brush strokes. You may even want to try a sponge roller if you're worried about it.)

6. If you like the “distressed look”, lightly sand your cabinet door edges with a fine-grit sandpaper, or hand sander.

7. After about 24 hours of dry time (on each side), re-attach doors to cabinets.

10. Attach new pulls and knobs.

Q: Why did you re-paint your cabinets from black to white & gray?

Kevin and I get ants in our pants, and like to try out different looks all the time. We may battle with an array of other types of anxieties, but design-related fear is definitely not one of them!


Q: What type of floors do you have?

We won our flooring from an auction on eBay. We paid just 99 cents a square foot. It’s Shaw’s Tropicana Laminate Wood flooring, in Chocolate Umber. Here’s a good shot of their actual color:


Here's a link to a site that's selling it online.

For us, it’s a temporary solution. You see, it’s currently floating above an array of surfaces. There’s tile that needs replacing underneath it in the Kitchen, Laundry Room and Master Bath. Hardwood floors that need refinishing in the Living Room, Guest Bedroom, Office and Dining Room. And then there’s our little "concrete dilemma" underneath it in 1/4 of the Living Room (the house was added on to in 2003). Here’s a photo of what lurks beneath:


Did I mention the concrete part is an inch higher than all of the wood flooring around it? Ugh. :-(

Underneath it in the hall, there’s yellow linoleum STUCK to the original hardwood flooring. There’s plywood subflooring in the Reading Room and Guest Bath. So, the Shaw Laminate was our “quick fix” to get everything unified for at least the next couple years.

Q: What color did you paint your beadboard wainscoting?

All of the trim and beadboard throughout the house is painted with plain semi-gloss white paint from Home Depot.

Q: What color is your Dining Room painted?

It’s a color by Sherwin Williams called “Rice Grain”. It’s got yellow undertones, which keep it from looking too fleshy. I love it, and recommend it to clients all the time.


Q: What color is your Kitchen painted?

It’s also painted "Rice Grain", but I had the folks at Sherwin Williams cut it in half by 50%, to brighten it up a bit. If you love a certain color, but want to lighten it, you can always cut it by 25%, 50% or 75%.

Q: How high is your beadboard wainscoting?

It’s same height as me! 65 inches. I love that I can hang things above and below it.

Q: What color is your Living Room painted?


It’s painted a Sherwin Williams color called “Natural Choice”. I tried out about five different creams before deciding on this one. It has just the right amount of brown it in, to keep it warm, yet just the right amount of gray in it to keep it crisp.

Q: What color is your Guest Bedroom painted?

It’s a color by Behr called “Fencepost”. I would only recommend using this color in very bright spaces. It’s got brown and gray undertones, so it could little look a little sad in dark rooms, but in our guest bedroom, it worked great as an “easy on the eyes” white.


Q: Where did you get the bedding in the Guest Bedroom?

It's Pottery Barn's "Classic Ticking" Quilt and Quilted Shams, in blue. The two throw pillows are Pottery Barns "Kristine Pillow Covers", also in blue. The big, white euro shams in back are Pottery Barns "Pick-Stitch" shams, in white. The long, bolster pillow in front is also Pottery Barn.

I bought everything on Ebay. It was all brand new and still in it's original packaging. It cost me less than half of what I would have paid if I had bought it from Pottery Barn. Gotta love that!

Here's a video we shot the day we uncovered the wood wall in our guest bedroom...

Q: Where did you get the blinds in your living room?


Bed, Bath & Beyond. (Or "Bed, Bath & Beyonce" as I call it, because I have an obssesive-compulsive addiction to re-naming everything, and don't even want to know what I call Burger King....let's just say it ends in the word, "fling".)

Q: Where did you get the wood corbels you used underneath your kitchen cabinets?


Home Depot. They cost around $10.00 a piece. I attached them to the wall with Liquid Nails and used one finish nail and some painters tape to hold them in place while the adhesive dried.

Q: How did you paint the stripes in your Reading Room?

I used a laser level, and a yard stick to draw 12 inch bands around the room from floor to ceiling. Then, I taped off my lines and used a clear multi-purpose sealer (available at Michaels or Hobby Lobby) to seal the edge of the tape. That way, none of your wall color paint can seep underneath the edges of the tape and make for messy lines.



The colors I used were “Fencepost” by Behr (Home Depot) and “Natural Choice” by Sherwin Williams.


Q: What happened with Design Star?

After a couple of rounds of auditioning, I was told by the casting agent that the producers of the show had made their final selections and that I would not be part of the Season 4 cast. She did encourage me to try out again, and said that my "persistence would not go unnoticed". Fast forward to 2010. It's so crazy how things seem to just work out sometimes. Although I decided against trying out for Design Star again, I'm currently working for HGTV writing articles for their website. :-)

Q: How would you describe your style?

I like to think of it as an inspired pastiche of the four C's: Classic, Cottage, Coastal and Country.

Q: Where are you originally from?

Minnesota! Born and raised. I moved to Atlanta, when I was nineteen, to attend music business college at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Then, in 1996, I packed up and moved to Los Angeles for a job I landed at an audio post production studio smack dab in the middle of the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. I called many places “home” during my eight years out there- North Hollywood, downtown L.A, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Universal City, Northridge, Thousand Oaks, Acton, Silverlake and Culver City. For a brief time, I rented Crispin Glover’s guest house up in the hills! It was one little room with a tiny kitchenette and two teeny-tiny bathrooms (one that had a sink and toilet, and one that had a beautifully-tiled, arched shower). My area was formerly the maids quarters, and my entire living space probably only totaled 100 square feet or so. Nevertheless, it was absolutely charming, and the view of Los Angeles was stunning.

Here are some photos of Crispin's home:


I found this article written about it at

“At first glance, it seems that Glover has spent years personalizing his nest, which he bought from a producer in 1992. A stairway appears out of a wall, going nowhere; a catwalk stretches across the 20-foot living-room ceiling; huge glass bricks sit atop the garden lights to soften the glow. But, he reveals, "I haven't done anything to the house architecturally. All I've done is paint it. The house had a great look and feel when I bought it."

My little room was tucked in this corner of his palatial estate:


Here are some photos I took while I was living there. I used to turn the front tires of my little white car inward, so they faced the curb. You can’t tell from the photo, but that hill was steep! I always thought I was going to wake up and find my car in someone’s Living Room at the bottom of it. That white blob at the top of the green mountain on the left is the Hollywood sign.

Crispin Guest House Crispin Front Gate

The next two photos show my front door, and the balcony. The black cat was mine. Her name was Maggie, after the explorer Magellan. She was always going off on adventures, but always managed to find her way home. She was in heat in this photo…notice the little neighbor cat checking her out. Crispin asked that I get her "fixed" soon after I moved in.

Crispin Front Door Crispin Balcony

I used to sit on that balcony, look at all the twinkling lights below, and just dream…

In March of 2003, I met Kevin. Eight months after that, I moved to Alabama to marry him.

The Beginning.


Bobette said...

Thank you for posting this. I was planning on beginning my kitchen cabinet reno this week and reading your faqs has given me the inspiration to get it going full speed!

Victoria Hayden said...

You have inspired my want to paint my living room, dining room and kitchen that barley there blue! I love it! Always so much fun to read your post's and look through your blog! Thanks for sharing such a great little part of your life, and I love how your story ends and the beginning!

Hugs to you,

Fenima said...

Layla, I love your story and adventures. It seems like you and Kevin are perfect for each other.

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Layla, What an informative and entertaining post! It was chock full of information, pieces of which so many of us will use in the future! Can't thank you enough for 'how to' posts like these!

Annette said...

I just love your blog and love all your designing ideas. Great inspiration!!!!

Daryl at Vermont Cottage said...

Thank you for compiling all of that information into one post. I love your color choices and will surely try one or two. I'm also thinking of having hubby build larger bookshelves in the office and painting them black. How do you keep things from sticking? Did you leave 24 hours between coats, sand between each coat, etc? Any words of wisdom?
Have a great day, Layla!

shawnee23 said...

Can i say without sounding crazy i absolutely adore and admire your blog! I get that excited flutter in my stomach (the same one i get when i find an really awesome garage sale) when i read your blog. I'll admit i check it...sometimes a couple times a day to see what you're going to come up with next. No not a stalker..just a great admirer! From a fellow HGTV addict with OCD, i can come to your blog and get my fix instead of buying every issue of BHG do it yourself magazine! Thank you Layla, thank you! One question...i have searched home goods high and low for those hanging boxes in your kitchen. My mother (who is also now glued to your blog) is dying for them and i wanted to get them for her. How long ago did you get them? Thanks again for sharing your amazing talent!

Michelle said...

Thanks so be prepared for eveyone's houses to look like yours!! Well, not as good of course!

Kelly B said...

That is such a neat story!! I love LA. We used to live in California. In fact, right after I married my husband, I got my class A license so we could drive a truck around the country to see where we wanted to settle. I had family in alabama and he loves Tennessee, so we decided on Decatur. I love LA, but it is such a tough city. I do hope to take the kids back there so they can go to Disneyland (where we spent or honeymoon...). I can't say I miss the housing prices though!! Again, a great post!! :) Love your cabinet color!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story....what an adventure! Thanks for sharing some of your world with us. Hope you try design star again. I have so much faith in WILL make it! I just know

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

This was a fun post! Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better :) xo

Silvia said...

..and they lived happily ever after ...the end..
thanks for posting this is a really nice post!, i'm a big fan of your blog,you have a great taste and style ..

Smitten Design said...

What a great post. I'm about to paint my cabinets as well and this information is so very helpful!
Keep trying with Design Star, you'd be fantastic.

Southern Savvy said...

Thanks for sharing your LA story - how interesting! Of course, the pics are wonderful as always!

beth said...

I wanted to add a couple more tips for painting cabinets. Make sure you paint in the right tempuratures. It needs to be kind of cool. My husband and I painted ours in the garage when it was only 50 degrees out there, and it was the perfect temperature for painting. We got those nice long brush strokes. Also, make sure to do lots of thin coats. It's really hard to do, cause you just want to hurry up and get it done, but it comes out much nicer if you take your time and use thin coats.
Layla, I love the blue in your kitchen. I am a big fan of "barely blue". Everything looks so pretty next to it. Thanks for being such a great inspiration for us all! :)

Unknown said...

Great post Layla. I did not know you from Minnesota - no wonder you live in Alabama! I am just getting used to winter, winter and more winter. Have a wonderful day.

Cathy said...

Thank you for sharing that was a "great" post. You are an inspiration to all!

{{Big Hugs}}


Dana and Daisy said...

it's nice to see the details of your paint mixes and finishes.

I have white trim that my builder painted and I'm not sure if it is oil or latex. I need to touch it up and wonder what advice you would give someone in my shoes, also as to how to get the right white to match. I have a small can of touch up paint which he left me, but I think I need more.

If I guessed, I'd say the trim was painted with latex and the doors were sprayed with oil base, but I don't know why I think this. My builder is not available to ask these things.

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

Hi Layla!
I just wanted to mention that the poly will discolor paint. Since you were using black it wasn't an issue but for someone doing a lighter color, the application of poly will completely change the paint color. We've made this mistake unfortunately on some tan painted furniture that now has a nasty yellowish tinge to it.

For my kitchen cabinets I used a sealer made specifically for paint. The one I used is Valspar and came from Lowes. It did nothing to the paint color and comes in a few different finishes. Just wanted to mention it! Off to read more...

mimi charmante said...

What a fabulous post - inspiring and so informative. Which leads me to the question - where in Minnesota did you grow up?

Lettered Cottage said...

Hi "Dana & Daisy"!

I would take what you have, and bring it to Sherwin Williams or Home Depot and get it color-matched. Buy a whole gallon so you never run out! :-)


Lettered Cottage said...

Hi Daryl!

I left mine to dry 48 hours between coats. I didn't put the doors back on my cabinets for a week.

Good luck with yours, I'm sure they'll be lovely!


Erin Southwell said...

How awesome are you?! VERY! Love this peek into your world.

E :)

Lettered Cottage said...

Hi "Shawnee2442"!

I will be offering the Herb Crates for sale on my blog very soon!

I am so glad you like them! :-)


AnNicole@Our Suburban Cottage said...

Great post. It's nice to have all of this information is one place. And I still swoon over all of your house pictures every time I see them.

I hope you're not too bummed about Design Star. You're incredibly talented, and I truly believe that things work out the way they're supposed to. I wouldn't be surprised if better opportunities come your way. ~xo

CelesteA said...

Hi Layla...I am new to your blog and truly enjoy it! Seeing the projects that you have completed encourage me to try my hand a decorating. In addition to the great information you have shared in this post, please tell us what "creamy white" color you use to paint things such as your linen press. I have many pieces waiting for a good coat of fresh paint!

Nancy Hood said...

Layla, I loved this post! I do the others as well, but this captured the romantic side of me :) and I've noted the colors you've used in your home for future reference!!

Sassy Cass said...

I am so excited since I was almost convinced to paint my cabinets black and now that I have all the instructions I am pumped! I posted some before pics on my blog yesterday, so if you have any pointers I'd love to hear them. Thanks for posting all the FAQs. I had often wondered how you ended up in Sweet Home Alabama!:)

Emily said...

Thank you for the paint colors. I love how you put "The Beginning"at the end of the post. Great way to look at it.

Unknown said...

What a fab post! Thank you for all your tips! Another question...where did the bedding in your guest room come from?

Cindy said...

Layla: Your postings are always so inspiring. We worked on the black painted wet bar this weekend...more issues with the counter top, but everything has been resolved!! This weekend, our bathroom. I decided after seeing the color for your dining room, that I will use that in the bathroom...walls and vanity.

Denise said...

Okay, you must have read my mind. :) Thanks for the answers to some of my questions about your home. It's such a delight to read your blog! Can't wait to see what's next.

Tina Schiefer said...

Fun post! The whole L.A. post brings back too many "good" memories of the entertainment industry life for me....

Glad to be living the country life now and still be able to stay in the biz!

Listened to Kevins band online... Not bad!! Not bad at all. We all love new music around here. We're those strange parents that are in tune with the same artists our boys listen to. Pays to have had our boys young - not too big of a generational gap!!! Hee hee....

Bought a full size metal bed at the Salvation Army yesterday for $29! It's for one of our guest rooms that is bring overhauled with a red, white & blue theme. Not overly patriotic, but just a few touches. And an old rescued Raggedy Andy on the bed for some whimsy!

Lastly, check out the May issue of Country Living if you haven't already. Page 41 - 2 pages of burlap bags re-dos.
You're a girl before your time!!!

Much happiness!


Lettered Cottage said...

Hi "Windhula"!

The bedding is Pottery Barn.
I bought each piece on Ebay for a fraction of the retail price...woo hoo!


Lettered Cottage said...

Hi "CelesteA"!

I used the same semi-gloss white I bought at Home Depot for my trim and beadboard. That way everything matches, and none of the whites look "dirty" next to each other.


Jenn said...

I love this post...I've been reading your blog a lot recently and have been inspired to start redoing my kitchen! I just redid my first try at painting furniture...and am anxious to do the cabinets. What kind of brush are you using when you paint? We tried foam brushes on the dresser but it just left really obvious lines. Thanks for all the inspiration Layla!


Anna O'Reilly said...

That's an awesome story! I grew up in Green Bay, WI. You live pretty close to the Gulf, don't you? I would love to move down there, I miss being by large bodies of water! There's not much of anything here in central Alabama.

Nikki Cogg said...

Hi Layla! My husband was very weary about re-doing our cabinets. I didn't want to hire someone to come reface them, and now that I've read your post, I have complete confidence that we can get it done. I fwd your post to my hubs to SHOW HIM that it's possible to DIY! Haha thanks again, keep the great info coming, you're one of my very favorites!

The Knight Family said...

Hi Layla,
Love your blog....loved this post thanks for all the info. Your house is adorable, you have you many great ideas!

Ashley said...

I just called my husband to tell him we are painting our kitchen cabinets. He said let's do it. I am very excited!! Yay!!

Thanks for your tutorial and all the wonderful color advice!

Kristen said...

Loved reading all the info and history on you! BTW - I'm from a little town called Newbury Park tucked right next to Thousand Oaks. If you know where it is we are friends for life - such a cute little quiet town!

Kelly said...

Layla, I have a question...can a kitchen be "too small" for black cabinets? I was thinking of doing yellow walls too but don't want it to look like a bumble bee in here. I love your black cabinets....or should I go red cabinets like OWCLs?

I'm ready to go but this post puts me in overdrive! Thanks so much for the info!


Kristen, pajama mama said...

Wow! Thanks for all the answers...can you write more on the flooring? i am sold on the laminate but all the men in my life, hubby, fil, etc. aren''s so much better than stained carpet, though, right?

HowryFamily said...

I have been faithfully stalking your blog for months and this is my FAVORITE post that you've done!!! You are such an inspiration to me!! Thankyou for sharing all of the little details! I've been contemplating how to redo my kitchen and I do believe that my ugly little cabinets are going to get a "Lettered Cottage Black Cabinet" makeover!!! FABULOUS post... thankyou again!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for such great information on paint colors and such. Just one more question if I may...where did you get your brown blinds?? I am moving into a new house and all their blinds are the thick white blinds. I LOVE the brown ones and think it would look nice next to the wood floors.

Leslie said...

Thank you so much for this post!!! I am addicted to this blog. I do have a question about re-doing cabinets. I'm the process right now. My cabinet doors are peeling so I am stripping them (I've done 4 out of 8 so far) can I stop stripping and paint them with Behr Premium Plus Interior Base Flat Primer or now that I've started stripping do I need to continue on with that. It is gruelling and boy wouldn't I love to stop and start following your suggestions. Maybe I need to continue to remove all the paint since they were peeling?

Thanks for your help.

Mary said...

Layla...I come to your site everyday..sometimes twice ~ just to see if there is a new post because I love them all! But, I have to tell you this is my FAVORITE post of all of them! Such great insight into your life! Thanks for letting us get to know the girl behind the creative-decorating-genius!

Katie said...

I just recently found your your designs! I too love the crisp cottage/coastal feel. I was also excited to hear your a Minnesota girl at heart! I was born and raised in MN but temporarily living in San Diego introduced me to my coastal decorating side of myself!

Amanda said...

Layla- thanks for sharing all of that! I have stalked your kitchen for some time now- & finally took the plunge to do mine. I even bought a paint sprayer for the cab. doors- I did over 14 doors in less than 10 min!! Im also using the Behr K&B paint in Jet Black-Im really liking how it turning out- I still have LOADS more to do-Im going to hand paint the cubbards b/c Im totally freaked out about using that spray gun indoors-I have an island that im thinking of doing in a creamy white instead of the black to maybe make it stand out more-havent totally decided on that yet. If you want to see my progress heres my latest post
Thanks again for all your inspiration!!!

Vanessa Greenway said...

This was a FANTASTIC post! Thanks!

Dana said...

L.O.V.E. your blog!! I have to ask though..I am in the process of closing on my 2nd home this month and really need to attack the cabinets. I'm scared to death though. The cabinets are that hidious pinkish color. Are ya following me? lol. They remind me of the early 90's..anyways I was planning on painting them a creamish color, but heard spray painting is easier and turns out just as good. I can't believe I said SPRAY! Any advice? Ever tried it that way? HELP! You kitchen is awesome and I'd love to use black, but am afraid it will make my kitchen look smaller. what's a girl gonna do?!?


Kate Riley said...

Love the black cabinets.... I've been gathering a whole bunch of photos of black kitchen and bathroom cabinets (black is the new white) and if and when I publish, I'll be sure to link to your kitchen.


Coty said...

Love it all, every stinkin' inch of it! You are so so talented and so willing to share all your wisdom. Thanks!

So inspiring!!!

Michelle said...

Just love seeing pictures of your home. And thanks for all the details! I need to bookmark it. You have such style!

Anonymous said...

I love this post, just love it!

I've awarded you the Lemonade Stand award for great attitude/gratitude! Keep up the awesome work!

pinon family said...

i {heart} your blog so much!! That was tons of great info, I'm so glad that you took the time to put it all together.

From a Minnesotan in a warmer climate too!!

Jeanne Oliver said...

Great suggestions and great to know more of how/why you did certain things.

Cindy Donald said...

Hi Layla!

I didn't realize you live in Prattville, AL! We lived in the Millbrook/Prattville area from 2001-2007. We moved closer to home May 2007--Spanish Fort, AL. I bet we know some of the same people. I can tell you who to stay away from (LOL) just kidding!


Anonymous said...

Hello Layla, great information, the tip about the drop cloths for curtains is one of my favorites. I use them often for lots of projects. As always love your blog posts, I had fun catching up today.Have a wonderful week. Sandra

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Fabulous post!!

Tanya said...

I could hug you right now..we're getting ready to paint our very blonde kitchen cabinetry and also the rest of the kitchen. This post couldn't have come at a better time. Awesome :)

Aura said...

THANK YOU so much for this! We are going to start sanding our cabinets soon and doing a kitchen remodel on our own and this really helped. My husband also fell in love with your tall cabinets, and even though ours aren't terrible short, he's convinced we have to extend ours up!

Suzann said...

I am always inspired by your blog. Your home is just so cozy - I love it!

Haven and Home said...

What a great post! I loved reading it, especially the part about L.A.

Lynn said...

I need to redo the cabinets in my front bath and am so glad to find your instructions on how to do it.

I would so like to remove the cabinet doors in my kitchen, but I need every bit of space behind the doors. While I keep the cabinets orderly, it would never look good to show.

Russell Maycumber said...

I think my friend lived across the street there, his name was Eric Morris. He wrote the book, No Acting Please...He Knew the previous owners to that house...Some reclusive actress from the 1920s...

mariela said...

Hey everthing you've done with your home. I really like your carpet (the one under your table). Where is it from?


BusyMom said...

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas. I am currently renovating my kitchen and your kitchen is my "inspiration picture".
I am painting my cabinets black as well. I love your kitchen wall color. I am trying several different light, silver blues out however. I would prefer to buy a sample of your color before purchasing a gallon. Do you have any idea what your paint formula would be for just a quart? Thank you again! I hope to post pictures once the renovation is complete!

Erin said...

Ok no idea how I missed the FAQ section. Thanks for telling me! I can't wait to do this to our nasty oak cabinets! I totally owe you for posting this. THANK YOU!! You're a true inspiration!!!!

4under3 said...

This is so crazy.

You see, my neighbor told me about your site when we were compairing blogs we peruse and I couldn't remember what the name of yours was. I was going to go over there today and ask.

Then, I was on The Nesting Place and...there you were.

Yea for MN! That's where we are. I'm curious as to where you grew up.


Heather said...

May I ask, what flea markets around the area do you normally patrol for goods and which ones tend to have the most promising finds? I live in Crestview, FL, but make trips up that way (the pops is from Cullman). Thanks!


Angela said...

I saw your piece on the 700 Club! Awesome! I was just ecstatic when I found out that you live in AL! Welcome to this wonderful state!
I will definately stop by your blog more often, since finding out about you guys.

Mrs. Martin said...

I love your home. What made you decide to use the bead board through out your home? How come you did not use it on the ceilings?

Linda said...

It was fun reading you grew up in Minnesota. That is where I grew up and still live. Where in Mn?

Megan said...

Hi Layla, love, love, LOVE your blog! It looks like Behr has discontinued Fencepost, but I can find Natural Choice, my only question is which of the two paints is the darker stripe in the reading room? Thanks!

Megan said...

I love your blog. In the reading room, which color (name) is the darker stripe? Thank You! We want to do the same thing in our sewing room.

Tash said...

Hi Layla;

I love the "new" white kitchen. What are the paint colours you used, it looks as though the bottom cabinets are slightly darker than the top, very effective. I was all ready to do mine black but then hopped on the post today and saw the white - love it! Anyways, to get the right white can be challenging so I would love to know the paint you used.


Unknown said...

Layla - you and your hubby are so adorable, and you both are so gifted! What a great season in your lives - your style rocks, sister! You are the first blog I have ever followed! May God bless you richly in the coming months, and beyond!

I wish to goodness that I could take photography lessons from you - you are a natural! Any suggestions/hints? Already saw that you use a canon 30D - your natural pic lights are just what I want to learn to take! Help!

oh, and blessings!

Anonymous said...

Oh Layla! I hope you can answer this. Went into my local Home Depot today to get "Fencepost" by Behr -- and they said there is no such color! Is it an older color? Discontinued? More to the name? Help please!!

Valeen said...

I saw mentioned in another post that the custom formula for your black cabinets was in the FAQ. I'm sure I'm staring right at it but I don't see it so far - do you know what the colour is? I want black cabinets and I absolutely love the colour you'd chosen. :) thanks.

Talysa said...

What is the color you used for your ceilings in both your reading room and your dining room? Also what specific color white did you use for your trim and wainscotting? Is it the same white you used for your kitchen cabinets?

LOVE LOVE LOVE your style. ;-)

Happygirl264 said...

I am wondering where you get all your accesories particularly the kitchen wooden boxes haning on the wall? I love!