Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Homies - 2009

Calling all "Letterheads"!

We were super stoked to hear that we had been nominated for a 2009 "Homie" award over at Apartment Therapy. So if you dig our blog, and have a second to throw a vote our way- click on the photo below:

Here's the schedule:

Thank you for the bottom of our little home-obsessed hearts y'all!

Kevin and Layla

PS...We'll be back with more updated bathroom photos later today!


Shiloe said...

Voted! Love your site.

Samantha said...

my vote is in too!

Soie Belle said...

I voted for you too! love your blog.

Hopeful Housewife said...

I voted too because after all you guys are some of my favorite homies!

JR in Sweden said...

Already voted - you guys really deserve to WIN!!

Nishant said...

voted for you too! love your blog.
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