Friday, September 24, 2010

Junk Bonanza 2010 - Day 2

Happy High-Five Friday friend!

I'm gonna go ahead and slap a big ol'

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We're back from our whirlwind trip to Junk Bonanza and boy does it feel good to be home!

The trip was a blast, and I'm excited to finally have a chance to blog about some of the great junk we scored!

But first, I have to rewind back to Wednesday, September 15th.

That was the night I got into some bad shrimp posted this video...

Well, shortly after I posted that, a cute couple from Minneapolis named Alex and Carla responded to our vessage (that's "video-message"), and we were able to spend a fast-paced couple of hours shopping with them at Junk Bonanza on Friday.

(Kev, me, Carla & Alex)

And lemme just tell ya-
the whole place was pure awesomeness !

(I'm seriously considering setting up a booth there next year with my friend Mary!)

Since we were on a mission to shop for things for Alex and Carla's guest bedroom, I only got a few small things for our house while we were there.
It's all good though.
Things probably woulda' gotten pri-ty crazy, pri-ty quick, if we had had more time to shop!

We bumped into (sometimes literally) TONS of other friendly bloggers while we raced around the place.

It's always fun to meet (and hug!) the folks behind the blogs we love!

We ran into (not literally) Amy, from Whisperwood Cottage during lunch on Thursday...

And by "Amy",
I mean, "Amy-with-the-FAB-master-bedroom-closet-door", Amy.




On Friday, she took some pics of us filming a segment with Carla.
(Thanks for sharing these with us Amy!)

Here, we're chattin' with Cammie of Daffadowndilly's...

We were interested in a pretty, little aqua blue-colored table she had sitting underneath the big, green trunk we're standing in front of...

But in the end, we decided to get an old, white, commode-style cabinet from a vendor called Junk Style Home instead.

And when we got back to Alex and Carla's house, we moved this tall, skinny guy out...

and moved this short, chunky fella in...

Isn't it precious!?

Thank goodness Kevin remembered to measure that area before we left their house that morning- and thank double goodness he spotted that sucker amongst all the other amazing junk it was buried under!

He's becoming quite the "picker" I tell ya!

("Junk", not "nose".
Lead singers (Kevin) never touch their fingers to their noses or mouths for fear of catching a cold and not being able to sing. I have no idea why I just shared that little nugget with you. Oh gosh. There I go again.)

Oh, and I should mention-

The production company filming us was primarily interested in capturing our junkin' adventures, and seeing how we did on camera- so we didn't have a chance to shop for a lamp to use on top of the nightstand.
(Boo! I bet
Carla's got one on there by now though!)

Also, we only had a couple of hours (and $200) to shop, and we only had about 30 minutes to put the room together before we revealed it to Alex and Carla.

Nothin' like a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am style "room fluffin" in front of a camera crew to get yer pulse a'racin!

Anywho...Alex and Carla also bought the little black box ($10) sitting on top of the cabinet in the photo above.
And I talked Alex into clipping those pretty, pink flowers from their front yard.
(They were covered in bees, and I do NOT do bees.)
The white vase they're sitting in came from their kitchen.
It was previously full of flour, but I convinced them that temporarily storing your flour in a zip-loc bag while a camera crew films your guest bedroom is more fun.


They also scored a chippy, old, aqua-colored chair (for $30), a light blue, tin container ($10), a huge piece of ceiling tin ($20), and a vintage jar ($9) for the desk area of the room...



...and since she's such a cute little fashionista, Alex surprised Carla with the vintage dress form ($100).

(The flowers came from the grocery store and the mail holder came from another room in their house, and as you can see, there wasn't any time (or $) to add pretty, new window treatments either! Boo!)

To fill up the wall to the left of the bed, we hung a small, old bed spring Carla got at the Bonanza for $20...



It's going to serve as a big, interactive art piece.
They can clip little notes, cards, photos and other lightweight momentos to it for their guests to see, and hopefully they'll find some surprises from their guests once in a while too!

I forgot to mention it to Alex, but I think it would be cool if he built a wood frame around it.
Sorta like Jen did in her daughters' room...

(Click on the photo to check out the rest of their precious room!)

We forgot to take a photo of all the black/gray/white/natural colored bedding we snagged from other rooms in the house used on the bed.

I did snap this one with my cell phone though...

...but as you can see, the quality is pretty "wah, wah, wah."

(I'm sure Carla will post some better photos on her blog though!)


Last, but not least, Kevin put together a little video montage of our Junk Bonanza experience so that we'd always remember our spontaneous trip up to Shakopee...

Good times, good junk!


Well, now that my retinas are officially fried, I'll bid you a toodle loo and wish you a very happy weekend too!

Wanna see more beautiful junk?

Here's a little video I found online that features some GREAT ideas from the lovely and talented Ki Nassauer.
(The brains behind the Bonanza!)


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Dorothy said...

I met you in the corner at Junk Bonanza, right about where Kevin's video begins. On behalf of all us older, fatter, and not as cute couples out there, I have to cmment that Alex and Carla are just adorable, and I can't be the only one to notice that they are sort of your clones! Any time you're around and want to decorate for my demographic, just let me know! You'd have the challenge of working on a late 70's split entry too; what could be more delightful?

Katie Ketelsen said...

I LOVED Junk Bonanza! So many cool...funky things! You rolled away with some goodies too! Well done.


Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Okay, I didn't get in the picture with Kevin, you and Amy, but I took the picture. Darn, didn't think to have Amy take a picture until after we left. Too much going on. I was totally wiped out. But it was an awesome sale and I only wish I would have had more time to enjoy it, versus selling. But busy is always a good thing. Great meeting you both. Fingers crossed on your tv pilot!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

The room turned out fabulous~ simple changes totally updated the room and gave it personality! Fun video, too~ JB was really a great time!

Urban Farmgirl said...

Ok, just in case I fail to mention it at another time...can I tell you that I just totally love you?? (In a purely platonic, non-freaky way, that is.)

Every single post you write is just pure fun from start to finish! And let me say...your photography (ok, maybe it was Kevin's??) of that room is AWESOME! Serioulsly, I swear it could go right in a magazine as-is. LOVE.IT. LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO. You are one amazing lady. One super amazing couple. ;o)

End of story.

Happy weekend, my friends.


Melissa :) said...

Fun stuff! :) I need to go thru your FAQ's to see if anyone has ever asked - how do you clean/dust the old, paint chipped furniture (& accessories)? I would have no clue, but I would think the paint would chip every time you cleaned/dusted it. Maybe not. I dunno. :)

Mothership said...

Ohhh, drool, drool! Just fun, beautiful, and such great ideas.

On another note, I really, really, really hope that the guy pushing the stroller was filling it with junk and didn't actually take a kid there. That, I am positive, would have been miserable! (:

Thanks for the tour.

Taylor said...

We saw you guys with the cameras, we were trying to figure out what you were doing (I assumed it had to be some sort of makeover). What fun! Wish I would have said hi, I was just trying to stay out of your way LOL. There was no shortage of good junk there to choose from. We are actually going to have a booth next year! Maybe I will get to say hi then.


chris said...

I'm so glad you guys made it home safely. I sure did miss your updates!
That place looked crazy! Thanks for sharing... you may rest now.

Carla @ Hammers and High Heels said...

WOW! (this is Alex and Carla) had to post a comment, it's still crazy to see us on the blog we always check out! We had so much fun welcoming you and Kevin to our house (which we are still working on- as always it seems like). Thanks for helping us check one whole room off our to-do list! It is so cute, we are eager to show it off! We had a blast with you guys!!! I know we will see you on TV soon!

Wendy said...

Amazing, as always! I just love that chippy old chair! You two certainly have talent!!!!

Wendy said...

Amazing, as always! I just love that chippy old chair! You two certainly have talent!!!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing your time on the road and at the Junk Bonanza. You did an amazing job on Carla's and Alex's guest room (and to think you only had thirty minutes!) Talk about pressure.

Your Friend,

Ally said...


We were IN Minneapolis that weekend and my stoopid cello had to break so we brought it downtown instead of going to the bonanza. *kicks dirt*. Looks like it was a fun time :0)

jo said...

i, too, saw you at junk bonanza. you are as adorable in real life as you are on your blog! it was really something, that junk bonanza. i didn't buy much but the other two i was with did. i can't wait til next year - i'm coming the first day tho. one question - the video you have of all the stuff going on at bonanza, who's singing the background son? i can't wait for the new redo on tybee!

Mona Kay Gorman said...

THANK YOU!! I couldn't go to Junk Bonanza, but thanks to your video & pics, I feel like I was there for a little while :)

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Wow! Heaven! Junk Bonanza looks like a great event!

WhisperWood Cottage said...

I loved meeting both of you! You are as sweet and gorgeous in person as you are on the blog! :) I was glad to capture some photos for you and hope that the plan to get a show going falls into place. With your talent and personalities, you are natural stars! Please let me know when you get back to Minnesota again. You're always welcome at WhisperWood Cottage! :)


Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

Looks like a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing your junking adventure. I loved reading about it. :) And I got a smile out of it too. Alex and Carla are too cute. I'm going to check out their blog too. Their guest room looks absolutely fabulous!

Unknown said...

I love the frames with the mirrors and flowers inside them on that video. I wish I knew how they made them. So awesome!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I wish I was there! That is just exactly the sort of road trip I'd love and my man would roll his eyes about. (but he'd do it, cause he's a good sport.) I had no idea musicians didn't touch their noses... I'm actually happy that I learned something in the slow Saturday. Makes me feel productive.

Free Art Printables said...

Thanks so much for the Linky love Layla! MY kitchen redo is coming up next they are ripping out the floor and cabinets on Wednesday! :)

Phil said...

I was so glad that I had the chance to meet you and Kevin at the Junk Bonanza. We talked briefly between your busy day of shooting on Friday. You both are as nice in person as you are on your blog and videos. I love The Lettered Cottage and look forward to seeing your next great project. All my best to you two.

geri said...

Hi Guys.
I am keeping my fingers ,toes, and eyes crossed that HGTV or another staion has the smarts to create a show for you. Your many gifts and talents for taking a room from point A
to point B on a very small budget while getting the WOW results you always end with would be both refreshing and fun to watch.
You are both so charismatic.
They could give you an hour,a day, or a week and it would all be so beautifully done. Looking like a million bucks with only using a
mere bucket of paint is truely an art.
Love all you do. geri.
p.s. Did I read right..another Tybee Island home to be cottagified by Layla & kevin. Oh Heart be still. I can't wait.

The Cozy Cape said...

Hey, I have that bedding in my guest bedroom!! It's from Ikea! Love it but I'm still working on my guest bedroom! I'm thinking I may need to make a trip to Junk Bonanza next year even though I live in Virginia. Love it all!

Carriage House Antiques said...

Well done! you certainly have that "Midas touch",both of you! Thanks for taking us followers along with you to Junk Bonanza! What FUN!

Cyndi said...

So nice to meet both you and Kevin at Junk Bonanza your just the sweetest people! absoultly love your blog and aways look forward to seeing what you are up to.
thank you so much for your sweet coment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Loved watching the video of Junk Bonanza, but got frustrated at all the great things I could see and not get!! It looks like it might be worth the trip from Maine though.
Oh, and thanks for the compliments on our bathroom. Glad you had time to check it out :)

kelly said...

i really hope you get to do a show!
that just looks like so much fun. my husband starts to get really nervous when i start looking at "junk" but look what a cute little fast room you did with it. that white dresser is too die for!

Kimberly @ DibbleDabbles said...

Is there a Southern version of junk bonanza?? Looks so much fun... But a bit far from Georgia.

{darlene} said...

looks like a whirlwind!!!

Love your designs, as usual!!

Margo said...

Layla, I'm so sorry I didn't get to meet you at the bonanza. I had heard you were there, but our paths never crossed I guess. If they did and I forgot oops ;)
Can't wait to see the fun things you've got in the works.
The room looks great.