Friday, September 3, 2010

Design SOS: Friends to the Rescue!

Howdy friend!

Got some exciting news to tell ya about today!

True Value is currently on the hunt for any DIYer looking to help a friend (or themselves!) break free from a disastrous design dilemma.

Enter the "Design SOS" contest for a chance to win $2,500 (for both you and your friend!) to use at a local True Value store and an in-person consultation with a True Value “Master of All Things Hardwarian” who will help take that space from unfortunate to unforgettable!

Here are all the details...

· From September 2, 2010 to October 7, 2010 enter the Design SOS contest by submitting a short description and some photos/videos of any design dilemma at

Here's an example of a cute video...

· Starting on October 22, 2010, visit to vote for your favorite entry out of the top 10 finalists
(and if YOU make it into the top 10, let us know and we'll help spread the word here on our blog!)

· The grand prize winner will be announced in mid-November


So whether it’s a living room covered with weird wallpaper or an outdated basement that's dyin' to be re-done, True Value's motto is: "Remember, friends don’t let friends live with disastrous design!"

Good luck and have fun with it!


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* French at Heart * said...

~*~*Thanks so much for the info Layla!!! Such a great contest~*~Have a fantastic holiday weekend~*~Rachel ;)~*~

Polly @ Make Mine Beautiful said...

Oh boy, so I have somebody in mind for this! I'll be making that video next week and start pushing it right away! If that guy thinks his kitchen is bad, just wait till he sees my friends kitchen!! :)

Thanks for the heads up!

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

There aren't any True Value stores near us in San Diego. : (

Sandra said...

I had to laugh at those those two guys in the video....the kitchen obviously smelled funky as they both paused when they walked in the room.

Good on you for promoting this and I'm looking forward to seeing who True Value selects as the winner (I've a few nominations myself but we do not have True Value stores here in Canada)

Landlige Hjem said...

Hi, such a great contest!!♥
Have a nice weekend ;)
Hugs Anki

Anonymous said...


Thanks for passing this info on. I may just enter considering all the design disasters made here in the last 130 years.

Your Friend,

Cortney said...

This doesn't apply to this post, but just wanted you to know that I was sitting in Barnes and Noble today and picked up a copy of Cottages and Bungalows magazine and was flipping through when I recognized a picture...of your house! I had forgotten that your house was featured in the new issue and I was excited to see the article and to show my fiance that I "knew" these people from reading their blog :) It was a great article and the pictures looked wonderful! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Just love your site - can't wait for the e-zine - you look like you have so much fun doing what you love.


Jackie said...

Love those herb crates. I've always admired those in your pictures. They look great! Love the open sunny feel of your kitchen. :)

JUNE said...

great site, thanks for the ideas

Collected Catastrophe said...

argh....missed it. :(

Modern Country Style said...

What a great blog you have! I love it. I've visited a few times before but I've decided to commit and Follow!!