Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flea Market Finds- Bedside Table & Pendant Light

In between Design Consultations, I made a quick trip over to my favorite flea market today.

I had two things in mind, while I scurried up and down the aisles.
My eyes quickly shifted, side to side, scanning each over-flowing, junk-filled booth, in record time.

The first item I was on the look out for was an inexpensive light fixture for my Reading Room.

I've always pictured something kind of whimsical in the Reading Room, because it is such a fun little space.

I rounded a corner and spotted this retro pendant light fixture, hanging from a tall, bamboo etagere:

I know, I know. It needs some work. But it was only $6.00, and I think it's got lots of potential! Imagine the metal "finial" part spray painted a dark brown color, and the shade replaced with a semi-sheer white fabric. Some interesting trim, around the top and bottom edge...can you see it? Lastly, I'll switch the regular-shaped light bulb, to a chandelier shaped bulb and voila! Instant whimsy!

We're installing a beadboard ceiling in this room, and I'm going to paint it the same light blue that my Kitchen is painted. Then we'll install white crown moulding and it'll be the cutest little ceiling in the whole house! :-)

I also saw an INCREDIBLE mirror for $39.99 that would work above this table in the Reading Room:

I'm going to think about it for a couple of days, and in the meantime, tape the shape of the mirror onto the wall with painters tape. Live with it's "invisible twin" for a few days. Just to make sure. $39.99 is a little out of my price range, and they don't accept returns at this particular flea market.

The other item I was searching for was a bedside table for the Guest Bedroom.

I knew how high it needed to be. (Three inches below my jeans pocket)
I knew how wide it needed to be. (Two and a half Ugg boot lengths)

I looked at nightstand after nightstand. Table after table.
None of them measured three inches below my jeans pocket, by two and a half Ugg boots wide. Many of them were too low, some of them were way too high.
Most were too expensive, and a few were just downright ugly.

Then I happened upon this dainty fella:

I was immediately sucked over to it. Like a giant magnet was pulling my body towards it and there wasn't anything I could do about it. :-)

The fact that it's slightly triangular in shape and the bottom is open, makes it perfect for this small room. Less legs = less floor space, and it's visually lighter because it's not a solid piece with drawers all the way down the front of it.

I'm not sure what color it'll be re-painted yet. Could be blue, could be white, could be sand. Choices, choices. :-)

It'll look so nice with a pretty drape behind it, and a lamp sitting on top of it. Maybe a couple of blue-spined books, and a small silver clock. Oh, and a Good Jar, of course. :-)


WhisperWood Cottage said...

Great finds, Layla! I can't wait to see the lamp and table makeovers! I understand the indecision about the flea market mirror. I struggle with that constantly! Is this the right piece? Is it the right price? Do I want it now or will I find something better or less expensive down the road? Sometimes I am willing to wait and other times not. I still have some pieces I walked away from that I wished I had gotten. Of course, I also have pieces that I wished I had left right where they were. It always works out though, doesn't it?

Lisa said...

Love it. You've got quite the eye. I have a hard time seeing past the junk and finding the gems.

Shilo said...

Love your measuring devices(jean pockets and uggs)! :)

3 Peanuts said...

Oh GREAT finds. I love how you can see the potential in an object!!! I found a mirror too but unfortunately the price tag was A LOT higher. I took it on approval and now have to decide if I can blow my budget on it. It really is PERFECT but I feel guilty.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Truly great finds. I'm looking for a nightstand for my side, I'm done with the matchy matchy we have going on right now. I can see your vision and it's helping me narrow down what I want. Thanks!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Such pretties. That lamp is going to be great!

The Bennett Family said...

Great finds! Love the lamp, especially.
We went to the flea market today too! We found the low-backed chairs you suggested for the new livingroom layout. They need to be re-upholstered (ugly peach color right now), but they will be perfect when they're done!
We'll send before/after pics!

Chris said...

The light fixture! I can totally see it. I loved it as soon as I saw it. For $6.00, who cares! How much was the table? $2.50? :) LOVED it too!

Bekki B said...

I can totally picture that lamp!!! I love your style! That table is great too!

Anonymous said...

I love it when that happens-it's such a high!
Crystal bead strands would also be great for the shade.
~Judy at Straw Cottage

Christy said...

I would just love love love to have a room like your reading room in my own home! Adorable.

Karla said...

I can't believe you got the pendant lamp for $6.00!! Awesome! Can't wait to see it's transformation!


Christina said...

I absolutely love the light fixture. Can't wait to see what you do to it. Love bargains.

Your "measurements" are great.

rustycupboard said...

I would like to see the after pictue of the lamp. I thought it was really cool your ideas. Sure would like to see it finished. Keep the great ideas coming. Enjoying all of them!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Love it!

Jim Curtz said...

Lots of kisses to your work!