Saturday, May 2, 2009

Deals of the Day

While searching for accessories for a client today, I came across these great finds and thought I'd share them here, in case anyone is still searching for the perfect Mother's Day gift!

The pillows in the photo above are from Wisteria.
Original Price= $24.00 (set of two)
Sale Price= $10.80

Here are some similar ones displayed in an antique dough bowl...great idea!

I LOVE this next item, and at 75% off, it's a great deal if you've been searching for a piece of the past.


Original Price= $249.00
Sale Price= $62.25

Check out these little wire wonders...

Wire Votive Candleholders

Original Price= $34.00 (set of three)
Sale Price= $13.60

You could get two sets for less than one set at the original price!

Ballard Designs has this "Architectural Roof" on sale right now:

Architectural Roof

Original Price= $99.95
Sale Price= $39.99

It sort of reminds of me of Kirsten Hollister's architectural-shaped cloche on the side table next to her sofa.

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

Farmhouse Wares is selling this great little Cast Iron Door Knocker...

Price= $15.95

Anyone else found any great internet buys lately? I'd love to hear about them, and if you want to post the links to them, I would be ever-so-grateful!



holisticgal said...


Thank you for all the work you did to post the items, the prices, and the links. Great eye, girl!

Reading, it feels as if I got a call from my good friend telling me where some great bargains are! Thanks for 'the call.'

Tricia said...

When do you sleep?!
Seriously. ;)
I love the bird door knocker.
I'm on my way over to check it out right now.
Happy Sunday!

Pure Chaos said...

I didn't know about Wisteria! and I LOVE Ballard!!!!

Erin said...

Did you know we have a "Wisteria" outlet here in Dallas? It is so fun to shop there. Also one of the stores Ballard's buys from has 2 huge sales a year...I am always there. Anyway, they had the architectural roof at the outlet sale and I would have bought it but I didn't know what to do with it! Now I do, I will look for it next time. Love your blog! I share tips from you with all my friends and family!

Jessica said...

Great finds! I LOVE the wire votives... so cute! This was my find for today.. just got back from Z Gallerie & found the smaller sized white faux coral piece on sale (only $16 after using the 20% off coupon). Here's the online link:

Happy Sunday!

Cottage Lifestyle said...

Love the pillows.


Aura said...

Those little pillows are adorable!!

Angie Seaman said...

Oh my gawwsshhh...I just love your blog. Somehow I stumbled upon it today (actually via southern hospitalitys blog) and have fallen in love. Southern hospitality featured a link to my kitchen on her blog yesterday and as I perused my way thru her posts, I found your link. Again, I'm in heaven! We decorate our home in a cottage/costal flair so your updates are just my style. I'm interested in purchasing one of your moms shell boxes in white as well as some of your inspiration jars. Is this possible? If so, can you let me know how I go about doing this? Feel free to email me via my blog or directly at
I love the shell boxes and think that one would go perfectly in our Indiana home or in our beach home in Bonita Springs, FL. Either way, they are phenomenal. I also collect glass jars so those caught my eye as well.

Thanks so much! I can't wait to continue browsing your old blog posts. So fun!

Blessings, Angie Seaman (blog) (website) (photography website)

Katie said...

Very cute finds!! I like the the door knocker however I find that pushing it up rather than down is opposite of how door knockers are usually designed? maybe it's just me....

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I love the little door knocker! It is precious.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post. It's a great deal for all of us having you do the shopping for us :) Appreciate it! Love the door knocker and think that would make a great mother's day gift. I'm thinking it would be great on my mom's potting shed!

Anonymous said...

I'm back! Just a quick question Layla. How would YOU use this cast iron door knocker? I'm thinking of ordering it for my Mom. Do you think it would look good mounted outside the door on her covered porch or better inside as cute whimsical wall art OR mounted on the potting shed?! whew... I'm trying to figure out what she would do with it before I order it. Thanks in advance!!

Katy said...

Neat neat items, thanks for the info. All such fun ideas for gifts.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!!

Cannot wait to see what's been going on at the "Half Note".

Meghann said...

OMG I want that ammonite!! too amazingly gorgeous. I would seriously have a room designed just around that!

pve design said...

I love TJMaxx and also the hardware store for great things - Overstock has some good things too.

~Grace Happens~ said...

I love those pillows and am gonna take a stab and making them myself out of burlap. Thanks so much for sharing! I swear I learn something new everyday just by reading your blog. xo, Grace

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said... the pillows and especially the votives...those are so neat. thanks for the tips! xo, mickey

michael&kristine said...

We love the Refrigerator Magnets at There are a few of them marked down to $9 a set. Thank you for looking for all these great deals Lalya.

Anonymous said...

I love the pillows, and I enjoy reading your blog. I am also interested in having you help me with my home and have sent you an email and a payment. Please contact me.


Anonymous said...

ooohhhh LOVE the door knocker!!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Thanks for letting us know about the pillows! I ordered 2 sets for my boys room. They'll go perfect. AND I know I would never have found them on my own. Thanks again!

white flower farmhouse said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog -- it's wonderful! Thanks for featuring our little fish pillows among such esteemed company. They're blushing!
--Megan, White Flower Farmhouse

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

The pillows are just adorable, and they seem to be a very good deal too.

beth said...

I think my favorite has to be the little star shaped pillows. So cute!!

farmhouse wares said...

Thank you for spreading the love. You're a gem

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hi! Stumbled onto your blog when I read your comment somewhere that you grew up in Minnesota. Yep, that's where I am. Anyway cute blog.

LesleySW said...

Pottery Barn has some gorgeous blue glass bottles on sale right now at for just $9.99. I just featured them today on my blog - Hurry, though, they're going fast.

Kristen said...

Thank you for introducing me to Wisteria!! There is actually a Wisteria outlet here in the Dallas area that I went to today! They had the star and fish pillows for a SHOCKING $2!!!! I picked up several. And came across a Beautiful Iron wine bottle holder I COULD NOT resist! I LOVE Your Blog!! Thanks for keeping us SHOPPING and Decorating! :)