Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hudson Goods Giveaway Winner

Well, unfortunately I'm feeling very under the weather today, so I am definitely not "ready for my close up"- but I know you're anxious to see if you won the Hudson Goods pillow giveaway.

The Randomizer chose five other numbers before finally selecting number 7:

Unfortunately, the first five people chosen didn't follow the steps listed to qualify- so participant #7, Abbie of My Kayak Sunset, it's your lucky day! :-)

Thanks for entering, and blogging about Hudson Goods! Email me at to claim your prize.

And a big thank you to Karl, for contributing to this giveaway. You rock, and Hudson Goods does too! :-)


Hudson Goods said...

Congratulations to Abbie and thanks to everyone for checking out It's been a lot of fun and happy decorating! Feel better Layla!

Gail LaCroix said...

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly today and hope that you will be feeling much better soon. I so enjoy reading your posts--you bring me such inspiration. Take care...

Unknown said...